FAQ - Parking barrier

On the following link you can find super easy video display of parking barrier installation.

The barrier can be reset by holding the „reset“ button on the electronics box on the barrier.

Unlock the cover and open it. Remove the plug on the charging port and insert the supplied charger in. While the battery is charging the green LED light on the battery box will light up. When the battery is charged the green LED light will shut off.

Our car park barriers have a built-in set of sensors that detects if the car is parked above the barrier. In this way, it is impossible that the barrier raises if it feels the obstacle above.
This sensor system is made of the laser and the magnetometer and achieves the precision of 99,29%.

The barrier uses a certified Bluetooth Low Energy module of a reputable manufacturer with a range of 100 meters but in practice it goes up to 60 meters.

In case you can not connect to the barrier, and you have administrator privileges, reset the application and retry. If the error reoccurs open the lid and reset the barrier via the „RESET“ button on the electronics box.

If the application is telling you that a certain barrier is jammed you must remove all mechanical obstructions that are preventing regular function of the barrier.

In case the barrier does not automatically close upon your departure check if the „auto-close“ option in the settings of the application is turned on. If the problem persists contact customer support.

To use the barrier you do not need either a mobile or WiFi connection. You only need the internet connection the first time to successfully complete the setup process.

A single user can operate only one barrier at a particular time. While a user is connected to a certain barrier, other users can not operate the same barrier.

The app will warn you if the battery levels are under 20% during connection to the barrier.

Initially, when the key is set, only the administrator can operate the barrier and send keys to other users. For example, if you change your mobile phone, where your old phone is paired to the barrier and has administrator privileges, you must reset the barrier to factory settings before pairing up your new phone to the barrier.

You can manually retract the barrier by removing the safety pin as instructed in the manual above.

Compared with old-fashioned remote-controlled parking barriers, Parklio™ barrier is smartphone controlled and it allows the parking barrier to be raised or lowered easily within 4s with just one klick.

The barrier installs in a private and public space. If it is a public area, try to get the real-time and correct information from your city administration. When you get the information contact us so we can communicate the details.

If you have a constant power supply, you do not need a battery, constant power supply has integrated backup battery in case of power failure.

Compared to regular parking posts or other automatic car park barriers, Parklio™ solar parking barriers are tested and made to withstand any vandalism and force that can be produced by human, it is in compliance with EU standards and has one of the best resistant mechanisms. In addition to that, there is a special feature of sharing a digital key via smartphone among the users.

FAQ - Automatic gate barrier

Installation of the smart parking is step-by-step guided by a user manual and requires electrical and mechanical skills. Installation takes about 1.5 to 2h. Detailed instructions are provided in the user manual along with an installation video.

The gate is powered by a constant power supply of 230V - 50Hz. In addition to that, it is also possible to use the solar power ECO-LOGIC system (24V version).

In case of the absence of power, the gate is using the B-PACK backup battery (24V version).

That situation should not occur because the gate has sensors that regulate the raising and lowering of the arm. If the car approaches, the sensors will detect it, and the arm will be automatically lifted. Although, we advise you to take safety measures! You can do that by installing accessories such as photocells and magnetic loops on your gate barrier.

FAQ - Bollard

Bollard is powered by a constant power supply of 230V AC +/- 10%.

The force of the bollard is 11000 J which is enough force to resist the car impact and to protect the structural and action mechanisms of bollard from the damage.

This situation should not occur because there are sensors on the bollard that regulate its lifting and lowering from the ground, and if the car approaches, the sensors recognize it and the bollard automatically lowers.

FAQ - Chain

The chain is charged with a 220W constant power supply.

In case of absence of power the chain is using the battery backup.

In case of striking and damaging the chain, "safety joint" should be changed. It is the part that connects the chain and the pillar. Safety joint consists of an inox screw and a flat ring.


Thanks to the user-friendly Parklio™ PMS, users can easily manage their license plate databases-allowing them to control the entrance gates from their mobile phones or web browsers.
ANPR cameras read the license plate and further send that data to the ANPR system that handles that data as defined through the parking management system (Parklio PMS).

ANPR is an automatic system for vehicle number plate detection.

An ANPR system can automatically detect license plates of a specific vehicle and enable entrance to the ones that are allowed to enter the parking premises.

ANPR cameras read the license plate and send that data to the ANPR system which handles that data as it is defined through the parking management system (Parklio PMS).

ANPR can check license plates, car type and car color.

Using the Parklio PMS the parking lot owners are able to define which vehicles have the access to a specific parking lot and enable fully automatic parking for its visitors.

ALPR stands for Automatic License plate recognition.

ALPR is a number plate recognition system which fetches data from the ALPR license plate recognition camera, pushes the data collected to the parking management software such as Parklio PMS or to any other information system via Parklio API.

Parklio™ ANPR software solutions for vehicle number plate recognition is based on image processing. Parklio™ number plate recognition system is using neural networks that provide a conversion of the captured images into a text entry.