Delivery Terms

When your ordered Parklio products are ready for shipment, the delivery service will pick them up. You will immediately receive tracking information, allowing you to track the progress of your package. When receiving the product, you should inspect it for any damage and if you notice any malfunction notify the delivery service company immediately. When taking possession of the order, you are also required to sign the delivery note, which the delivery service regards as a confirmation of collection.

Expected Delivery Time

We know you are eagerly waiting for your parking protection products, so we have partnered with the most reliable couriers to ensure that your order is delivered on time. Delivery is made to your address through the companies that under the contract, provide transport services for Parklio.

Parklio Free Delivery

Parklio provides free shipping on a variety of products to numerous countries. By visiting the product page, you can instantly learn if free shipping extends to your area. Enjoy the convenience of having your selected parking solutions delivered for free.

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