Smart parking for everyone | Parklio - New parking future

Parklio™- New smart parking future

Parklio™ solutions make your parking secure and connected. With one click, you can control your parking place, share it with others, and optimize overall occupancy. Experience the new parking future with Parklio™ – smart parking for everyone.

Parklio™ Parking Protection
Looking for a complete smart parking solution?

Smart Parking Barriers

Parklio™ Parking Barriers are smartphone-controlled parking barriers that stop someone from using a parking space without permission. It provides control and easy management of your parking area.
Protect your parking spot with a simple, easy to use, environment-friendly, and smartphone-controlled Parklio™ barrier.


Secure your parking place and control it with your smartphone via the Parklio™ mobile application.


Send digital keys via mobile application and share your parking place with whom you want when you want.


Drive away carefree from the parking lot, as our sensory system detects your car's departure with 100% accuracy - leaving your parking place automatically protected.


Vandal-proof design resistant to external influences combined with smart and reliable software gives you the safest parking protection.


Our products are designed in compliance with European quality standards, using the latest technology, and with special care so you can have the smart parking solutions of the highest quality.


Parklio™ team always has your back! We are always at your service to provide you with the best parking experience.

Parklio™ Parking Protection

Parklio CE marking

What makes Parklio™ Parking Products different? Custom-tailored products that cover every unique set-up you might have.

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From protecting one parking spot, to managing large parking areas or implementing entire smart city solutions, we can make it happen. Looking for one parking solution that covers it all?

Our scalable innovative parking system makes it easy for you to choose the optimal products that would resolve your problems or optimize and transform your business operations.

What do our clients say about their new smart parking experience?


From simple guide posts to smart parking barriers. We have been at home on German roads for over 60 years. With Parklio we have found a partner who will create the future with us. The idea, the innovations, the high quality products and the powerful team from Parklio gave us no choice. We look forward to the future together with Parklio.

Benno Blömen, CEO, BLÖMEN VuS GmbH, Gescher, Germany

With Parklio we have found a young, innovative and ambitious partner who covers the high demands of our company as well as those of the Swiss market. We look forward to further cooperation with Parklio and are excited about the upcoming innovations from the beautiful Split.

Dejan Simic, Product & Sales Manager, Velopa AG, Spreitenbach, Switzerland

As a leader in the parking industry in France, we have worked with the PARKLIO™ company, which today offers the most advanced product in terms of autonomous and connected parking areas. The dynamism of the team and the support is there in a concern for perfect synergy.

Bernard Chiche, director of STOP PARK

My life is much easier now with parking barrier. You don't need any additional device, just your smartphone! Also comes with rechargeable battery and charger. Very easy to install and connect. I would definitely recommend.

Marc, France

I love key sharing option. Now I don't have to worry when our guests arrive. I just share them digital key and that is it, their parking is secured.

Malthe, Denmark

Parklio™- Smart parking for everyone

Parklio™ is a forward-looking company focused on building original solutions that are needed for the 21st century. The core of our business is smart parking products that excel in functionalities and have a friendly user interface to be adopted by large markets.

Product Quality And Technology

What makes Parklio™ different and better from all others is the product quality and technology incorporated within the systems. All the software and hardware are built in house with an emphasis on the product quality. We use AI, machine learning, and predictive algorithms to make the best parking products and make parking a worry-free experience.

We are living in the age of connectivity, and that means more things than ever before are right at your fingertips — literally. With one press of the button, one swipe left or right, you can open new worlds or parking products in a fraction of seconds. But at Parklio™ we don’t just talk about apps; we live and breathe hardware.

Flagship Products

Our flagship product Parklio™ Smart Parking Barrier is the first parking barrier controlled by a smartphone with digital key sharing options. Parklio™ Barrier was an introductory product with which we have demonstrated our innovative approach and emphasis on product quality. The other flagship products come from software world and it is Parklio™ API.

Parklio™ API is a system for checking parking availability and location counting system. It provides real-time information on the number of cars and empty car parks, garages, etc.

And now, Parklio™ smart parking platform has brought unprecedented value to the world of parking with products like Parklio™ Gate, Bollard, Chain, and LPR. As standalone or combined, they prevent unauthorized parking and provide efficient parking management for each user in every situation. With Parklio™ API, every Parklio™ product can be integrated into any existing system.

Eco-Friendly Parking

Also, when we talk about parking, we have in mind the picture of the smart city of the future, of eco-friendly, smart innovations that will reduce car pollution, traffic jams and improve the life quality of the urban areas both for the general public and individuals.

The efficient parking is the best gateway to smart city management. With Parklio™, the user is just one click away from it. With our range of smart parking products, we have come closer to realizing our vision – to change the parking world by bringing sustainable and secure smart parking. Save time and eliminate stress with innovative Parklio™ smart parking industry solutions.

Present in 40+ countries

Today Parklio™ is present in over 40 countries in the world with headquarters in Europe and branches in the Middle East. We like to say that we have the best team, and we truly owe every success to the common synergy that brings out the best in every team member. Furthermore, we have learned that the key to success is the user’s opinion, and we are always here for all our partners and clients. Every step we take to improve and change our product line reflects market feedback.

The Story Begins

But the Parklio™ story is just beginning. We continue to bring smart products into the realm of urban life, bringing added value to all stakeholders and transforming the mobility landscape of the future.

We’re ecstatic that you’re considering our solutions, so let’s get started!

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