About Parklio

Parklio™ Team

In 2014 four friends with big dreams from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Split founded the company Amplifico. Their goal was to develop IoT products that will benefit many people and make a difference in a world that is becoming more connected and smarter.

The idea of ​​a smart parking barrier, like all good ideas, was born spontaneously.
For years, the biggest innovation in the parking industry has been the discoloration of parking spaces. The enthusiastic team from Split has finally got a clear mission - to change the parking world. After years of hard work, Parklio™ Smart Parking Barrier was finally presented to the world. In 2017, Parklio™ Barrier was recognized as the world's second-best early-stage startup in the competition of more than 5,000 startups in Singapore. Carried by the wind of worldwide recognition, a plethora of awards and encouragement, the strategic partners and investors were acquired, and the serial production has begun.

Since then, Parklio™ has been fundamentally changing the parking industry.
For the first two years on the market, Parklio™ barriers have been used in all types of parking across industries, from private to public parking on 3 continents, providing an unprecedented experience of smart parking.

Based on market feedback, new Parklio™ products have been introduced to the market providing comprehensive parking management.

Parklio™ assures the highest standards in the production and continues to develop innovative, high- quality products using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in harmony with precisely engineered IoT hardware and electronics.

Every day, Parklio™ is one step closer to realizing its vision, and that is complete dominance of the parking market.

Parklio™ new inovations New complementary products are introduced. Parklio™ becomes a platform.

The great expansion The expansion on three continents - North America, Europe and Asia. The number of employees grows, Parklio™ gains strategic partners in the Middle East.

Parklio™ network The network of Parklio™ clients and distributors in Europe grows rapidly.

Second-best startup Parklio™ was declared the second-best startup in the world at an early stage in the competition of more than 5,000 startups in Singapore. Investment followed the awards and production has begun. First Parklio™ Barriers were delivered to the customers.

Smart Parking Barrier is born Smart parking barrier is presented for the first time at a fair. It was the biggest hit on the show and was named Parklio.

Amplifico developed IoT products Amplifico team is developing IoT products, the idea of a smart parking barrier is born.

Amplifico is founded Amplifico is founded in Split, Croatia.