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Parklio smart boom gate

Parklio™ Automatic gate barrier - Parklio SMART Boom Gate
Parklio™ smartphone controled gate
Parklio™ Electric barrier
Parklio™ Automatic Gate Barrier
Parklio™ Gate Barrier
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Parklio is a manufacturer of parking products and solutions from Europe. Our smart parking boom gate barrier is an automatic gate barrier controlled via smartphone and it is used for guarding car parks, entrances, restricted areas, checkpoints, or any other kind of exit/entry point, controlling road traffic in both directions.

With the modern design, robust and protective barrier - Parklio™ Gate - is made of powder-coated steel and designed to be resistant to all weather conditions. This smart rising arm gate offers long-term reliability, efficient operation, and durability. A wide range of barriers arm lengths makes Parklio™ barrier gate applicable to any type of space where there is a need for regulation. Automatic Parklio™ Gates are a perfect solution for controlling the entrance and exit from public and private areas, from small to big parking facilities.

Parklio REACH compliance
Parklio ROHS
Parklio Bluetooth
Parklio CE marking


  • Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS)
  • Long-term durability
  • Digital key sharing option
  • Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
  • Accurate and safe system operation with encoder
  • Automatic rising with Parklio™ Smart system
  • Adjustable (3-6m) folding arms
  • Quality product resistant to weather conditions
  • Smooth and efficient operation
  • Obstacle detection
  • Secure operation with safety devices
  • Possibility of integration with other systems
  • Free shipping -
  • We have a local partner in Mexico
  • Payment in installments is possible!
  • 20% tax relief available to all Italian-resident companies

Remote Controlled Parking Gate

Our parking barrier arm gate is controlled by an application via the smartphone allowing the gate to be raised or lowered easily from the comfort of the car. With smart gates, one can control the flow of traffic on their property, allow temporary entrance for certain visitors, and prevent entry for unauthorized drivers.

Parklio™ Apollo

Parklio™ Apollo

  • 3-6 m arms
  • Smartphone-controlled
  • Auto-close option
  • Intensive usage
  • ANPR
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Parklio™ Apollo (Solar)

Parklio™ Apollo (Solar)

  • 3-6 m arms
  • Smartphone-controlled
  • Auto-close option
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Solar panel
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Parklio Gate for everyone

The smooth operation and strength of Parklio™ Gate enables the reliable protection of the parking areas from unauthorized access which is important for properties with limited parking spaces that often attract a lot of vehicles.

Parklio™ barrier model Y with dual power option and smartphone control


Our smart automatic gate barriers are used for guarding medium and large parking spaces placed at the entrance of the parking posts of residential and business buildings, airports, public areas, hospitals, hotels, industrial units, and similar access facilities.

Also, these rising automatic barrier gates can be used for traffic control in a way that they prevent traffic from accessing certain streets, while allowing authorized vehicles to pass through. Depending on installation requirements, different arm range lengths are available from 3 up to 6 meters. In addition to a mandatory kit, Parklio™ Gates can be complemented with various accessories. Installation and maintenance are very simple and supported with clear Parklio™ instructions.

Once it’s installed, it eliminates the need for a security guard or any additional access control products or systems. It is durable and resistant with a low maintenance cost.


It communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy module on up to 50 m. Also, for the remote control of our automatic gate barrier with no distance range limitation, Parklio Gateway will provide an ideal solution. For example, when you are at home you can lower the car park barrier installed in front of your work.

Bluetooth connection allows this automatic gate barrier to work efficiently with a reliable connection in any parking environment, including underground garages of different height clearance.
In addition to all this, there is also a Parklio LPR that enables automatically lifting of the gates when it detects an oncoming car by a license plate recognition system.

Parklio™ Connect App gate control
Parklio™ Connect App share digital key - smart parking gate


Parklio™ Connect App enables sending temporary digital keys to other users via Parklio™ mobile application so multiple tenants, guests, employees, and visitors can manipulate Parklio™ Gates during the specific period.

Automatic barriers can be easily shared with multiple users which allows seamless and reliable car park management.


Barrier arm length 3–6 m
Opening time 3-5 s
Weight 40 – 55 Kg (depending on barrier arm length)
Height 1153 mm - 1168 mm (depending on barrier arm length)
Package size 28x36x118 cm, 430x12x5 cm (4 meters arm)

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For all questions or orders for Automatic gate barrier contact Parklio team via form or call us directly on the phone: +442033985618.

FAQ – Parklio™ Automatic gate barrier

The auto barrier gate system price consists of the base price, barrier gate arm price, and accessory price. Depending on the accessories the barrier gate system price will vary. Fill out the form at the following link and tell us what are your requirements so we can send you a non-binding offer.
In case of the absence of power, the electric barrier gates have the backup battery.
Parklio™ automatic gate barrier has an auto-close option so it can close automatically upon vehicle departure, providing a worry-free experience. In addition to that, programmable acceleration and deceleration allows the smooth operation of the gate.
In-car parking lots, entry is controlled using automatic boom barrier systems. The automatic security gate is the first instant of physical security solutions that are used to control vehicle access and traffic management. Parklio™ Gate boom is an automatic barrier controlled via smartphone and it is used for guarding different types of parking. Depending on your needs, different arm lengths are available from 3 up to 6 meters. These boom gate barriers are designed for intensive use and it can withstand high-speed traffic flow.
Installation of the smart boom barrier gate is guided by step-by-step instructions and requires electrical and mechanical skills. Installation takes about 1.5-2h. Detailed instructions are provided in the user manual and installation video.
Parklio™ boom gate control is achieved via mobile applications to reach full automation. The user of the application needs to have the Parklio™ connect mobile app that is connected to the Bluetooth model integrated into the automatic boom barrier. Gate works seamlessly in any environment since is powered by constant supply with a 230V - 50Hz.
Due to the various Automatic Gate models and client requirements we are forming the prices once we receive the client inquiry. We strive to provide our clients with best solution, and this is the reason we approach every client individually. Please send us an inquiry and one of our team members will promptly provide you with an offer and additional advice if required.

Parklio™ Automatic gate barrier – Accessories

Gate acessory - End Support post


Additional part that is fixed to do ground on the other side of the base to support the arm barrier.

Gate acessory - Pillar for photocells


Post fixed to the ground opposite to the photocells which are placed on the Parklio™ gate base.

Gate acessory - Joint for arm


In case of height restriction, there is an additional accessory used to break the 4 m folding arm while rising.

Gate acessory - Reflective stripes


A supplement for lift arm barriers to have excellent visibility in foggy conditions and at night.

Gate acessory - Lights kit


LED lighted arms are a great way to enhance safety and increase visibility.

Gate acessory - Backup battery


Apart designed to provide backup power in case of power failure.

Gate acessory - Magnetic loop detector


Additional safety detection system that knows when to allow the barrier to raise or lower.

Gate acessory - Barrier arm skirt


Accessory used to deter people from walking under the arm barrier and increase their effectiveness.

Gate acessory - Cover unit integrated flashhing lights


Additional features if you want additional security flashing lights in the moment of raising or lowering of the barriers.

Gate acessory - Keyfob


In addition to the Parklio Connect mobile application, you can also order a remote control device - Parklio Keyfob. Attach the keyfob to the car interior or hang it to a key chain in order to open the Parklio™ Gate with a single press.

Gate acessory - Movable end suport post


Additional part that is fixed to the arm barrier, providing extra support.