Parking protection

From the first product, Parklio™ tackled one of the most challenging problems in the urban world. With the domain of our business being contactless parking, we have decided to create the perfect solution for the much-needed industry problem

Best smart parking products for parking space protection. Secure your parking spots with innovative and easy to use Parklio. All Parklio products are smartphone controlled.

Smart Parking Protection Products - Parking protection made easy

Parking protection made easy


Parking protection products are connected via Bluetooth Low Energy module and are very easy to manage with a mobile application. It supports Android 5.0+ and iOS 7+.


Send digital keys to other users through the application and enable them to enter the parking spot without any stress.


Modern, smart, and resistant to all weather conditions - our parking protection products are ready to enhance the security of parking places and solve all of your parking problems.

Parking space protection products that make life easier

With Parklio Connect users are one click away from controlling their Parklio products. Parking can be touch-free and the users can manage their parking from the comfort of their car. Protect your parking and share it with others via Parklio Connect application!

Smartphone controlled parking protection products with Parklio mobile app


Secure your parking place and control it with Parklio™ mobile application from your smartphone.
All Parklio™ products are smartphone-controlled and provide unique features for the end user.

Manage all your smart parking protection products with Parklio


With Parklio™ digital keys you can control Parklio™ products.
My Parklios is the list of all the Parklio™ products that you own and are able to manage.

Share Parklio™ digital keys and control access to parking products


Key sharing is the option that enables you to share a temporary digital key to other users via Parklio™ mobile application from the comfort of your office.
The owner of the Parklio™ product can specify the time interval on a one-minute level in which the other user can control his product and park in his parking place.

Smartphone controlled parking products


You are always just one click away from controlling your Parklio™ products.
Clicking on the OPEN/CLOSE button you can easily raise or lower your Parklio™ product.