Parking solutions

We create intelligent, connected, and efficient parking solutions to help our customers make the most of their parking space. Whether you’re a municipality or a private parking operator, we have the expertise to help you manage your parking spaces using our smart technologies.


Parklio's solutions deter illegal parking, enhance control and monitoring, and optimize lot management from small to multi-level car parks.

Parklio™ ANPR obtains license plate photos on moving vehicles and can integrate with various physical parking protection products, such as automated chain barriers and boom gates, to enable authorized cars to enter and depart automatically.
Parklio™ DETECT monitors, analyzes, and provides reports on vehicle parking data 24/7, in all weather conditions, allowing you to have real-time insight into the occupancy of your parking lot and the length of each parked car's stay.
Parklio™ BRAIN adds intelligent remote control capabilities to your current parking protection or access control products, including real-time information, key-sharing possibilities, a user-friendly administration interface, and interaction with any smart system.

Need a custom solution?

Our custom solutions are tailored to meet your unique parking needs. We design and adjust our parking innovations, from hardware to software, to create a parking solution that incorporates all of the operational characteristics, technologies, and options that are specific to your company's needs.


Complete parking solutions tailored to your industry

We design and build the best tailor-made solutions for you, from private residential projects to large retail, business, and city parking facilities.
EV Charging Stations
Corporate parking lots
Educational Institutions
City Institutions

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