Parklio™ Detect - AI Parking Monitoring System

AI Parking Monitoring System

Parklio™ Detect is an intelligent AI system for parking monitoring, analyzing, and reporting vehicle parking data in both off and on-street parking, as well as providing safety and security monitoring. The system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in all weather conditions, giving you constant access to parking lot data. It is easy to implement without any additional changes in the existing infrastructures and it can be used on your existing surveillance cameras.

Parklio REACH compliance
Parklio ROHS
Parklio Bluetooth
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  • Features

    • Real-time monitoring
      Automated parking spot surveillance via smart camera
    • Smart reporting
      Real-time report of occupancy violations and security hazards
    • Parking analytics
      Detection of parking occupancy according to the type of vehicle, parking place
    • License plate recognition
      Detection of license plates (GDPR compliant)
    • Parking lot safety
      Weather-resistant camera; works in night conditions, glare, snow, fog, or rain
    • Occupancy optimization
      Traffic-flow optimization

    Parklio™ Detect – Accessories

    Camera - Parklio™ Detect Accessories

    Parklio™ Detect Camera

    • 5 MP full-time color bullet camera
    • 24/7 full-color imaging
    • Warm supplemental light with 40m range
    • Clean and sharp images thanks to 3D DNR technology
    • Water and dust-resistant (IP67)


    Parklio™ Detect is an innovative parking management solution enabling you to monitor free, partially occupied, and occupied parking spaces. With the Parklio™ Detect parking detection system, you will never have to guess whether there are free parking spots left or not. This simple, easy-to-use car parking detection system will let you know when a vehicle leaves or enters a specific place and the parking duration time of a certain vehicle.

    Parklio™ Detect - car parking monitoring system


    This system is designed for the owners of parking lots as they will be able to monitor the number of vehicles on the parking lot and control this process. Parklio™ Detect is designed to be installed on any type of parking lot and can detect cars, vans, motorcycles, and trucks. This system is very simple to use because the camera captures the parking image/video and based on that, the parking blueprint is being generated. This way the user has a 24/7 video streaming of the monitored parking area.


    knowing how many vehicles there are on the parking lot and who parked them, the owner reacts faster in case something happens with one of them


    know how many vehicles there are and calculate exact costs thanks to real-time parking analytics


    no need to check the parking lot every day as it will be done by the system

    Following the installation of a parking detection and monitoring system, it is possible to determine how many vehicles are parked in the parking lot as well as the types of parked vehicles. Furthermore, the system can determine how many parking spaces each car occupies. In the event that a vehicle occupies more than one spot, the system can automatically send the information to the owner. In case of a vehicle overstay, the system will record the event in detail and the parking lot owner can take appropriate actions.



    Parking Management System

    Have a real-time insight into the duration of parking time of each vehicle - you will know exactly when the car has occupied the parking spot, how long it stayed and when it left the parking spot using Parklio™ Parking Management System . This smart detection system also has the ability to detect if the camera has obscured, blocked, or changed view by giving you a notification.

    Parklio™ Parking Management System

    Parklio™ PMS is an intelligent car parking management system that provides real-time analytics such as the number of parking vehicles, average parking time, payment records, sales records, daily reports, monthly reports, etc.

    With Parklio™ Detect as an add-on to the Parklio™ Parking Management System, you will have full insight in the occupancy of your parking lot, as well as other real-time data.



    Thanks to Parklio™ Detect, your parking lot can be perfectly optimized, especially when it comes to customers. In combination with Parklio™ Display, your customers will always know if a certain parking lot has any available parking spaces. For example, shopping malls, parking garages, or cities can optimize the occupancy of their parking lots and for maximum revenue and smoother traffic flow for happier customers.

    Parklio™ Detect is ideal for the dynamic pricing of parking spaces and parking lots. How? Having real-time information at all times enables you to adjust the price of hourly parking based on the traffic flow.


    Parklio™ Detect camera can count up to 200 vehicles in a single parking area, whether it is an indoor or outdoor parking lot.


    The detection system can identify most types of vehicles - car, truck, van, bus or motorcycle.


    Always have insight into the real-time parking duration of each parked vehicle. This way you can know if some vehicle overstayed in the parking spot and for how long.


    Parklio™ Detect system will send you the information in case the camera view is obscured, blocked, or changed.


    The camera can also read license plates of vehicles entering the parking lot. You can create a list of license plates that have the authorization to enter the parking lot. You may also designate a certain parking space for a certain license plate.


    Detect camera works under night conditions, glare, snow, fog, or rain. If there is a “view crossover” when multiple cameras are installed, measurement from the camera which has a higher accuracy rate will be considered relevant.



    Although effective in its work, classic parking space sensors are becoming outdated. In-ground sensors are often regarded as a universal means of monitoring parking occupancy. Each parking place has wireless sensors that are powered by batteries. This takes far more time to install, it’s a more expensive option and once the batteries drain out, you will have to buy them all over again.

    With Parklio™ Detect, all you need is a fixed bullet camera and you’re all set! Our camera detects up to 200 vehicles at once, depending on the camera position. In case the parking lot has more than 200 parking spaces, you can add more detection cameras. This way, the cameras will provide more reliable and more accurate real-time information.

    FAQ – Parklio™ Detect

    Parklio™ Detect is a car parking system that monitors, analyzes, and reports vehicle parking data in parking garages and lots while also providing safety and security monitoring.

    Yes, thanks to our Parklio™ API, any system can be connected quickly and easily thus allowing optimization of the client's operational activities.

    One camera can cover up to 200 vehicles in outdoor and indoor parking lots. It detects available or taken parking spots with an accuracy of up to 99%.

    For the best use of a detection camera, we recommend a position that ensures at least 70% of parking lot visibility and a minimum of 30 pixels resolution (if you are using your own camera).

    Yes, Parklio Detect cameras are resistant to any heavy weather conditions, such as snow or rain and they also work during the night thanks to our AI system.

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