Parklio™ Universal electronic module for making products smart – Parklio Brain
Parklio™ Brain
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Parklio™ Brain is a universal electronic module that will turn any existing products into a smart one.
Parklio™ Brain enables control of the existing parking solutions with a smartphone. By integrating the module, it will be possible to benefit from all the advantages of smart Parklio™ solutions - control via a free smartphone App, key sharing options, real-time information, user-friendly parking management interface, and the possibility of integration with any other information system.

With this assistive technology solution, automatic and reliable access control is possible on all existing facilities. Thanks to this smart electronic module (Parklio Brain), the user is now just a second away from any piece of digital information. From parking product status to occupancy information, everything is there at the instant.

Our Parklio brain makes products eligible to be smartphone-controlled with a key sharing option. All the smart parking options offered by Parklio™ can now be integrated with your existing parking products. Parklio™ Brain is a universal and unique electronic model that fits all your outdated products. You will be able to control your existing parking products with a smartphone and enjoy all the functionalities the system has to provide. After making your phones and homes "smart" - it is time to make parking products smart with Parklio™ Brain.

Implementing a new hardware solution like a Parklio™ Brain is a short and easy process. With Parklio™ Brain, users can manage their parking equipment with a mobile phone or along with Parklio™ Gateway through Parklio™ PMS. The monitoring of your parking products has never been easier. The Parklio™ Brain is installed within your access control’s solution such as an old boom barrier. It can operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +60 °C, and it allows the users to control their parking solutions in the range of 50 m in open space with the provided antenna.

  • We have a local partner in Mexico
  • 20% tax relief available to all Italian-resident companies

With this smart module, all products do not need to be thrown away but in fact, can come back to life and become a part of any smart system.

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For all questions or orders for Brain contact Parklio team via form or call us directly on the phone: +442033985618.

Do you have old parking that you want to modernize and upgrade with new solutions? Do you want to get rid of the parking gate that has no modern features, but it is a robust and high-quality product?

No need for replacing all your equipment with the new one.
You can easily implement this smart electronic module in your existing products and make them smart and connected! Besides smart control, there are optional RFIDs, QR codes and other technologies.

For full remote control, we have developed Parklio Gateway. By implementing Parklio™ Brain you can remotely control all of your products and have relevant real-time information.
With Parklio Brain, you even can integrate all your parking equipment with any information system thanks to the Parklio™ API.