Quality Policy

At Parklio we have established a process-oriented quality management system in all areas of business and we continuously maintain and improve it, introducing modern technical and technological solutions and applying best business practices.

We take care of the quality system, and especially of our customers, whose satisfaction with the service provided is our number one priority.

Clearly defining powers and responsibilities, setting measurable goals and the availability of all necessary resources, allows us to continuously grow and develop our business. We establish long-term conditions for a successful company by analyzing the external and internal variables that impact the business, excellent risk management, and improved internal communication. As a result, we fulfill our goal and vision and follow the strategic guidelines set out.

Our business is based on good management principles and is fully in line with our core values. We understand that the right measure of our success is the satisfaction of our customers. We aspire to understand and meet our customers' expectations and needs by consistently providing high-quality and creative products and services, promptly resolving customer complaints, preventing the occurrence and recurrence of problems, and gaining customer confidence over time.

The company has adopted a “customer first” approach, which ensures that customer needs and expectations are identified, translated into requirements and met in order to increase satisfaction. The "user first" principle is achieved by ensuring:

  • user requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements are identified, understood and consistently met,
  • risks and opportunities that may affect the compliance of products and services and the ability to improve customer satisfaction are identified and addressed,
  • focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

We want to develop a quality management system and consistently raise its efficiency through continuous improvement, set quality goals from the customer's position, and analyze, evaluate and offer high-quality solutions.

By investing in staff education for new technologies, we ensure continuous monitoring of trends, which is a prerequisite for our successful business.

By adopting this Quality Policy, the Company's Management Board clearly expresses its commitment to current and future continuous improvement and development of the quality management system. It commits to compliance with all relevant legal regulations and justified customer requirements, and provides all necessary resources for successful business.

The company's management proves its commitment to the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the management system:

  • taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the internal communication management system, the importance of consistent compliance with the requirements and all stakeholders, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations,
  • involving, guiding and supporting employees in order to contribute to the effectiveness of the management system,
  • promoting the application of a risk-based process approach,
  • establishing and implementing policies that are consistent with the context and strategic direction,
  • providing the necessary resources for the implementation and supervision of the management system in order to achieve the intended results and its continuous improvement,
  • ensuring the realization of the goals of the management system,
  • well-developed communication between the Management and the employees, for the purpose of coordination and cooperation in the interest of a well-performed service,
  • supporting continuous improvements in innovation, communication and interpersonal relations,
  • responsible management and transfer of authority and responsibility to lower levels of management, in accordance with defined lines of responsibility,
  • systematic risk management, which includes integrated management of strategic and operational risks,
  • conducting a review of the management system.
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Quality Policy