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Parklio™ - LPR License Plate Recognition

Parklio™ Automatic Number Place Recognition (ANPR) camera captures vehicle images and recognizes license plate numbers on moving vehicles thus enabling automatic entrance or exit on any barrier gate. Parklio™ ANPR system is mainly used with automatic gate barrier and enables smart detection of vehicle licenses and ensures automatic access for authorized users. It is a highly reliable and accurate system capable of reading vehicle license plates without human contact or intervention thanks to the addition of the boom gate.


  • Highly accurate automatic number plate recognition
  • Real-time information on parking space availability
  • Accepting mobile payments for space
  • Sending notifications to the car owner
  • Bridging SMS with the current solution
  • Fight crime
  • Access control
  • Parking revenue management
  • Car counting
  • Enhance security

Number plate recognition camera - ANPR is an automatic system for vehicle number plate detection.

What is ANPR?

In Parklio™, we believe in full automation and Parklio automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a testament to that. Parklio™ ANPR is a powerful automatic number plate recognition camera with a wide IR range and a high waterproof rating that enables high-quality license plate reading in any type of environment for any type of car.

With its extraordinary vision, Parklio™ number-plate recognition system is used to compare license plates, improve security, enable car counting systems, provide parking revenue management, car park management, access control and more. Parklio™ is rich both in functionalities and robust back end system which enables pdf reports for all the automatic license plate recognitions. Unlike with other outdated technology and services like RFID access cards, paper tickets or similar ANPR parking solutions require no human interaction and enables completely frictionless parking.

With ANPR parking and registration recognition algorithms car parks are entering 21st century and provide the most reliable and the most user-friendly solution for their visitors.

Besides providing number plate detection Parklio™ ANPR car parking system provides other relevant information like car type, car color and similar which is extremely helpful for detailed management of car fleet entering the parking lot. This way Parklio™ ANPR can be used as means for car park law enforcement, parking control, crime fight and help in violation detection.

Parklio License plate recognition
Parklio Content Managment System for LPR

ANPR software

Parklio™ ANPR software uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates. Parklio™ ANPR software and solutions for vehicle number plate recognition are based on image processing. Parklio™ number plate recognition system is using neural networks that provide a conversion of the captured images into a text entry. Parklio™ ANPR software fully complies with the GDPR and other relevant privacy policies.

Parklio™ license plate software offers automatic detection of license plates in real-time by comparison to a predefined list. Black and white lists and all other details are defined using Parklio™ PMS and can be stored either on camera or in cloud. Via the central management system, you can easily insert any license plate number at any time regardless of your location and enable ANPR parking payment or similar functionality. Whether you are in your office, on the trip or in the shopping center you can insert the license plate number of the authorized vehicle from your smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet or computer and enjoy the while the hard work is being done by the automatic number plate recognition technology and ANPR algorithm. With Parklio™ license plate recognition camera software there is no time-lag so ANPR administrators have full control. The detectable range of distances is the full field of view of the camera that increases with longer capture distance. For vehicles moving at high speed, it is necessary to use a long capture distance. The mounting of the camera depends on the demands of the specific area so the camera must be installed at the optimal height and distance according to the provided instructions. The physical security protection is ensured in combination with parking gates.

Our license plate recognition solution is a hardware device with a build-in AI-powered system of license plate detection and recognition. The real-time, high-performance functions of this ANPR allow monitoring and improving access control at the points where vehicles enter or exit a facility. Once the users are authorized for entrance, Parklio™ Display can navigate them to their exact parking place.

Parklio ANPR system

Parklio™ automatic vehicle registration recognition system, in addition to the Parklio™ Gate, enables smooth and worry-free access control. Thanks to the user-friendly ANPR parking management system (Parklio™ PMS) users can easily manage their license plate database thus control the automation of entrance gates from their mobile and web screens using Parklio PMS website.

Parklio™ automatic vehicle recognition systems work in high definition in both day and night conditions. Parklio ANPR is a number plate recognition system which fetches data from the ANPR license plate recognition system which is deployed on Parklio™ cameras which make part of the Parklio™ license plate recognition camera system. Parklio™ number plate recognition system can record clear license plate numbers at night and identify license plate numbers from long distances, even on rainy days. Parklio™ ANPR parking system performs equally well with fast or slow-moving traffic, capturing license plates on still or moving vehicles with remarkable precision.

Every car park equipped with ANPR system and license plate recognition technology will increase the speed of the traffic flow thus give an added value to its visitors, in terms of technology this is the peak of automation for car parks.

LPR Tech Parklio


Lens diameter 2.8 mm to 12 mm
Resolution 1920 × 1080 @ 60fps
Image sensor 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
WDR 120dB
Package size 39×16×16 cm
Smartphone controled Yes
Remote control via Parklio™ Gateway and Parklio™ CMS

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Thanks to the user-friendly Parklio™ PMS users can easily manage their license plate database thus control the automation of entrance gates from their mobile and web screens.

ANPR cameras read the license plate and send that data to the ANPR system which handles that data as defined through the parking management system (Parklio PMS)

ANPR camera represents system foundation, the ANPR cameras detect vehicle plate recognition and send that data to the Parklio™ ANPR system. License plate recognition camera can detect the license plate regardless od the weather conditions and time of the day. There can be more than one ANPR camera, multiple cameras can make a connected ANPR camera system. Having one ANPR camera on the entrance and one ANPR camera on the exit section, based on the license plates it is easy to detect the time period for which the vehicle was present on specific parking lots and this is one of the most common use cases for the ANPR camera system. The cameras can detect wide number of both loca0l, national and international license plates.

ANPR system can automatically detect license plate for specific vehicle and enable entrance to the parking lot for authorized users.

ANPR can check license plates, car type and car color.

Using the Parklio PMS the parking lot owner can define which vehicles have access to the specific parking lot and enable fully automatic parking lot for its visitors.

ANPR stands for Automatic License plate recognition.