The Best Solution For Parking Protection

The Best Solution For Parking Protection

It's been a long day at work, and you can't wait to get home and relax. Sitting in the car, taking the shortest route home, daydreaming about relaxing and watching your favorite show. You're on your way to the parking lot and have something to look at. Despite the fact that it is clearly marked, someone is parking in your space without your permission, and you are wasting valuable time looking for another parking lot. 

The day is now ruined.

Unfortunately, this is a well-known feeling for many. 

As residential buildings are growing, the number of parking spaces for their tenants stagnates. Such problems come together with urbanization processes. Therefore, the need for a private parking lot becomes more and more important, but the question arises – how to protect my parking space?

How to protect your parking space?

It can be difficult to keep other vehicles from parking in your space in cities due to a scarcity of parking spaces. Parking spaces for commercial buildings, properties, and apartments without garages are open to other vehicles without parking permits, allowing them to sneak in and take your place.

Getting parking protection is the best way to keep and protect your parking spot. This will help to avoid stressful and frustrating situations.

Installing a parking guard is an excellent way to secure private and reserved parking spaces. They are becoming increasingly popular in the protection of public and private parking spaces due to their simplicity, safety, and quality.

Types of Parking Protection

Before you decide what you need to secure your parking space or area, let us go over the four main types of parking protection.

Boom Gate 

A boom gate barrier is a great investment for any parking lot or garage. They are extremely durable and built to last, so you can be sure that your boom gate barrier will remain functional for years to come.

Boom gates are commonly found in:

  • Car parks to control the flow of traffic and prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the secured area
  • Roads and tunnels that provide access to areas with restricted traffic flow
  • Industrial sites that require security; for example, warehouses, factories, and mine sites
  • Entry/exit points of military bases, airports, and other high-security locations

Also known as the automatic gate barrier, it resembles a rod or bar that is connected to the control point and descends vertically to the horizontal position to prevent vehicles from entering. 

boom gate barrier

Automatic boom barriers are designed to withstand all weather conditions, whilst having a modern look. They can be operated via remote control, pushbuttons, contactless cards, or detectors, among other methods. Automatic gate barriers are powered by a variety of technologies but are most frequently electromechanical due to their durability. Gate barrier engines powered by 24 V DC currents can operate continuously without producing heat and are therefore suitable for frequent use. Permeable power is 250 to 300 cars per hour for one direction of movement and one exit from the garage.

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Retractable Bollard 

Did you know that parking bollards have been used as traffic safety devices since the 18th century, with the first ones built in London? Originally, the pillars were used to tie boats and ships together and were made of old cannon tubes. They kept all types of vessels safe due to their weight and strength. Soon after, they began to be used on land near various facilities that were deemed worthy but vulnerable to external damage due to moving vehicles such as horse-drawn carriages.

Retractable Bollard

Parking bollards are far more sophisticated and appealing today than they were when they were constructed from tree trunks and rusted cannons. You can select from several types based on your requirements, application, additional options, and protection ratio.

Retractable bollards can be used to provide parking protection. These are automatic posts that rise from the ground when needed for security and remain flush with the pavement when not. They can be used in conjunction with vehicle access control systems to restrict unauthorized traffic in garages and parking lots, or they can be used as stand-alone security devices to prevent break-ins and deter other types of crime.

Parking Barrier

Parking barriers are used for multiple purposes. As mentioned before, they keep the other vehicles away from where they are not allowed to park and thus protect the area of ​​the parking lot. The good thing about parking barriers is that they are easier to control than other parking guards.

Parking Barrier

Barriers are similar to parking bollards, but they have a level of sophistication that distinguishes them. Parking barriers are made of durable, high-quality materials that will last a long time and provide reliable protection for the area. The exterior is designed to withstand various shocks and collisions, and it is resistant to extreme temperature changes, both low and high, as well as moisture resistance. Some barriers must be adjusted manually, but others work remotely and sound an alarm if someone touches the barrier.

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Parking Chain Barrier

The first benefit of using a parking chain barrier is that it can block various types of passageways. These barriers can be placed in front of any designated parking space to prevent unwanted vehicles from entering. They are ideal for securing disabled or VIP parking spaces, as well as for use in schools and businesses with a limited number of available spaces.

Parking Chain Barrier

The chains on these barriers are made of durable materials and come in a variety of lengths (usually up to 20m) to protect different-sized parking spaces. They are also weather-resistant, allowing them to be left outside during inclement weather without being damaged. 

What is the best parking solution for my needs?

There are numerous parking options available, but which one is best for your requirements? This section will break down the benefits of each option and the factors to consider when making your final decision to help you choose the right solution.

Boom gates are used to control pedestrian and vehicle access. They're usually located at entrances and exits of facilities, such as shopping malls and toll roads. Using them has many benefits such as keeping your employees and customers secure and having a better flow of traffic during peak hours.

Most suitable for:


Parking bollards are easy to set up and offer solid protection from unauthorized parking, and their look and design are perhaps the most dynamic of all because they can be transformed into any desired shape and fit well into the landscape. 

Most suitable for:


Private parking

Parking barriers, especially those that work automatically or remotely, are perhaps most suitable for most situations because they offer simplicity and a high level of safety because they are made of solid materials to withstand all kinds of external shocks and elemental disadvantages.

Most suitable for:


Parking chain barriers protect your parking lot, driveway, or driveway entrance. Chain barriers are made of extruded aluminum and can be customized to any size or shape. They provide maximum security and are easily adjustable to fit any surface. Some models can go up to 20 meters in width.

Most suitable for:


If you need a more in-depth analysis of parking protection or are interested in parking protection for a specific industry (e.g., hotels, EV charging stations, schools), you can find the answers in our sector-specific use cases.

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