1. About the point of sale

Amplifico d.o.o.
Court register
OIB: 60755958894, VAT: HR60755958894
Hercegovačka 78, 21000 Split, Hrvatska - headquarters
Stinice 12/II, 21000, Split - point of sale

General inquiries - +385 97 7247 276
Austria, Germany and Switzerland - +385 92 409 53 28
France, Belgium - +385 92 409 53 21
Italy and Croatia - +385 92 409 53 23
Spain and the United Kingdom - +385 92 409 53 29

2. About products and/or services

Parking barrier
Automatic gate barrier
Parking Management System
Custom Solution

Since the product consists of several components, the price is generated separately for each product depending on the requirements of the user when buying.

3. Terms of sale


4. How to protect confidential data

Data protection

5. Statement on the collection and use of personal data

Personal information

6. Declaration of conversion

All payments will be made in HRK. The amount of your credit card will be charged through the conversion of the price in euros into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. When debiting your credit card, the same amount is converted to local currency according to the credit card association's exchange rate. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a small difference from the original price stated in the offer.

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