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Parking Posts and Folding Chain Barrier

Smart parking barrier

Parklio™ Chain is the automatic chain barrier/bollard controlled via smartphone. Our smart parking chain is an ideal solution for the protection of wider entrances and areas. It can cover access points up to 20 meters wide.

The design of Parklio™ Chain complies with the most different architectural contexts, it is created to provide people with reliable parking protection and to help them become in charge of their wide parking areas. The system includes two bases and a resistant, steel chain. The chain rises or lowers to allow or prevent access to vehicles or pedestrians in limited areas.

Parklio REACH compliance
Parklio ROHS
Parklio Bluetooth
Parklio CE marking


  • Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS)
  • Sharing a temporary digital key for visitors
  • Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
  • Up to 20 m passage width
  • Guaranteed safety, obstacle detection
  • High usage factor
  • Option for battery backup
  • Weather resistant
  • Possibility of integration with other systems

Automatic Parking Chain Barrier

This highly technological Parklio™ Chain will guarantee safety and obstacle detection. Parklio™ Prometheus Chain is a symbol of endurance – it is designed for intensive use and can withstand high car flows thus economically and efficiently secure parking places in just a few seconds. In case of a temporary power failure, there is a Parklio™ battery back-up to allow temporary operation of the parking chain.

Parklio Chain
Parklio Barrier Model Y

Controlled by the smartphone

Our automatic parking chain barrier does not require a separate remote control; it is controlled by an application on the smartphone allowing the chain to be raised or lowered easily from the comfort of the car.

Parklio Barrier Model X

Share digital key

Send temporary digital keys to other users via Parklio™ mobile application so multiple tenants, guests, employees, and visitors can manipulate parking chain during the specific time period.

Parklio Barrier Model Z

Auto-close option

Parklio™ Chain has an auto-close option so it can close automatically upon departure, providing a reliable and worry-free experience.

Parklio™ Chain is suitable for delimiting residential and industrial zones, private or public driveways, shopping centers, offices, banks, drive-throughs and many more. With the chain ranging from 4 up to 20 meters, it is used in a variety of contexts and specific situations. It blends perfectly into any private and public setting.


Opening time 10 s
Height 101 cm
Width 4-20 m
Weight 46 kg
Packacing size 25X22X108 cm
Smartphone controled Yes
Remote control via Parklio™ Gateway and Parklio™ PMS

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Parking Posts and Folding Chain Barrier

The smart parking chain consists of parking posts that control the folding chain.

The posts come in 2 parts - one with an integrated control panel (Master) and one without a control panel (Slave). Parking posts are highly durable, sturdy and heavy enough to prevent any damage but light enough to be transported easily. Each post can be fixed to the ground using supplied compatible fixings. Installation and maintenance are very simple and supported with clear Parklio™ instructions. The structure of both posts and the chain is galvanized for extra protection against the weather and rust. Recognizable blue Parklio™ design makes the posts and the chain highly visible during both daytime and night and different from all the other similar products. In conjunction with the steel chain, they form the smart movable chain barrier.

A strong and resistant foldable steel chain is suitable for any indoors or outdoors use. The metal chain is made from galvanized steel and it is corrosion-resistant. It is available in 9 sizes; from 4 meters to 20 meters. The eye-catching colors of this chain differ from the usual white-red which makes it attractive and highly noticeable. This system is ideal for everyone who wants to protect their parking space or their driveway.

Parklio™ Chain - Accessories

Flashing-lamp accessorize


The Parklio chain ensures the safety and control of any access or specific area. For an extra layer of safety, there is a multi-voltage flashing light that signals the movement of the automatic chain barrier.