Automatic Chain Barrier

Parking Posts and Folding Chain Barrier

Parklio™ Automatic Chain Barrier  - Parking Posts and Folding Chain Barrier - Parklio automatic chain barrier operated by a smartphone
Parklio™ Automatic Chain
Parklio™ City Chain
Parklio™ Shopping Center Chain
Parklio™ Chain Barrier

A strong and resistant foldable steel chain is suitable for any indoors or outdoors use. The metal chain is made from galvanized steel and it is corrosion-resistant. It is available in 9 sizes; from 4 meters to 20 meters. The eye-catching colors of this chain differ from the usual white-red color which makes it attractive and highly noticeable. This system is ideal for everyone who wants to protect their parking space or their driveway.

Parklio REACH compliance
Parklio ROHS
Parklio Bluetooth
Parklio CE marking


  • Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS)
  • Sharing a temporary digital key for visitors
  • Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
  • Up to 20 m passage width
  • Guaranteed safety, obstacle detection
  • High usage factor
  • Option for battery backup
  • Weather resistant
  • Possibility of integration with other systems
  • Free shipping -
  • We have a local partner in Mexico
  • Hurry, discounted product is high in demand and selling fast!
  • 20% tax relief available to all Italian-resident companies

Driveway chain barrier for protecting your private parking

The automatic driveway chain barrier is specially designed to protect private parking lots. It is suitable for holiday apartments, hotels, office buildings, private clinics, or any other private property. With 9 different sizes, the owners can easily choose the perfect length of the automatic chain barrier.

Parking chain & posts

The Parklio™ Chain consists of two posts and a stainless steel chain that can be up to 20 meters long. The chain post should be placed on the stable and solid surface of the zone intended for protection.

Parklio Chain

Control the traffic with a safety barrier chain

It is easy to control the traffic with the Parklio™ Chain. With the automatized system, you can share digital keys via the free app to anyone who wishes to park in your private parking area. Once the visitor enters the parking, the barrier chain will automatically rise again and secure the area.

Automatic folding chain barrier

The main advantage of the chain barrier is its automatized folding option. Whether you need to raise it or lower it, it is easy to control the chain with the Parklio™ Connect app. Download the free app from Google Play or App Store and connect it to the chain via Bluetooth. Once installed, the app can be used to share digital keys with your visitors so they can access the driveway without any problem. The chain also has the option to close automatically upon departure of the vehicle.

Safety without compromise with post and chain barrier

The automatic chain barrier guarantees safety for all users. It is created to provide users with reliable protection for their car park posts. If you have a wide parking area, the installation of the post and chain barrier is an ideal solution.

Electric parking chain

Our parking chain barrier is fully operated via an electric power supply (Vac/Hz - 230/50). Before installing the chain, make sure that the connection to the power supply is separated from the connections to the security and command devices.

The posts come in 2 parts - one with an integrated control panel (Master) and one without a control panel (Slave). Parking posts are highly durable, sturdy, and heavy enough to prevent any damage, but light enough to be transported easily. Each post can be fixed to the ground using supplied compatible fixings.


Opening time 10 s
Height 101 cm
Width 4-20 m
Weight 46 kg
Packacing size 25X22X108 cm
Smartphone controlled Yes
Remote control via Parklio™ Gateway and Parklio™ PMS

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For all questions or orders for Chain contact Parklio team via form or call us directly on the phone: +442033985618.

FAQ – Parklio™ Chain

Parklio™ Chain has an auto-close option so it can close automatically upon departure, providing a reliable and worry-free experience.

If an obstacle is over the chain, photocells will detect the obstacle and warn you before any kind of operation occurs.

In case of a power failure, there is a possibility to integrate a battery backup to the chain barrier. Should you need an extra battery kit, you can also contact us for more information.

Yes, the chain posts are resistant to all types of weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.).

Due to the various Chain models and client requirements we are forming the prices once we receive the client inquiry. We strive to provide our clients with best solution, and this is the reason we approach every client individually. Please send us an inquiry and one of our team members will promptly provide you with an offer and additional advice if required.

Parklio™ Chain – Accessories

Keyfob - Parklio Chain Accessories


If you do not prefer controlling the chain via the free Parklio Connect application, you can always order an extra Parklio Keyfob. All Parklio products can be controlled with this remote control device. Attach it to the car interior or a key chain and lower or raise the chain with a single press.

Flashing light - Parklio Chain Accessories

Flashing light

The Parklio™ Chain ensures the safety and control of any access or specific area. For an extra layer of safety, there is a multi-voltage flashing light that signals the movement of the automatic chain barrier.

Safety joint - Parklio Chain Accessories

Safety joint

In case of excessive force, only a safety joint will break and you can easily replace it with a new one. In this way, the Parklio™ Chain can be easily repaired and maintained, providing you with a worry-free parking experience.

Battery kit - Parklio Chain Accessories

Battery kit

The Parklio™ Chain barrier can also be operated via battery power only. You can order an additional battery kit with 2 auxiliary 24Vac batteries and a charger in a separate box. This battery kit allows the chain to work autonomously without any need for electric power. It can be also used as a backup for the chain in case of a power outage.