General Project Information

The support under this Project is intended for co-financing the innovation activities of consortiums of SMEs with the aim of establishing long-term supplier relationships/value chains with Integrators.

General Project Information

Project number:


Project timeline:

from 01.10.2020. to 01.09.2023.

Contact person:

Dario Boras

Goals And Expected Project Results

PARKLIO PAAS is a parking space sharing platform, but it is also a platform for assessing the monetization value of free space in specific locations, allowing the consortium to proactively market the next property owners a ready-made business model with very accurate estimates of average annual revenue.

The project's goals are to reduce the risk of investing in a consortium service for urban mobility and to increase competitiveness by pooling and strengthening operational and technical capacity to market products and services globally.

The project results are that the procedure of harmonization of products, services, and production processes with market needs was carried out, and all cluster members' capacities in the segment of quality and reliability of products and services were strengthened.

The total value of the project is 2 908 443.74 €, of which the EU co-finances 1 471 707.07 €.

Parklio Consortium For Urban Mobility
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