Parklio™ Custom Solutions
Hardware and software for parking

Since we are the manufacturers of both software and hardware we can adjust to the specific requirements and develop a solution tailor-made for your needs.

We want to provide our clients with a unique and affordable experience that will offer the best parking solution accompanied by their personal touch and personalized requirements in both hardware and software.

Whether you want to add a new button, your company colors, and logo, new cool options for a special event, custom application, or custom product we will provide you with the solution designed to your wishes.

From hardware to software, we design and adjust our smart parking products to fit the individual needs of our clients.
Our first-class tech team is always ready to surpass their own possibilities and bring the project to the market.

From private, residential projects to big retail, cities, business parking facilities, we design and build the best tailor-made solutions.

Need specially customized hardware equipment or special software to control your smart system?

Contact us with your idea and we will create a unique, perfect solution made just for you.

For all questions or orders for Custom Solution contact Parklio team via form all call us directly on the phone: +385977247276.

Every product is engineered to comply with high-quality European norms and the latest technologies. Besides building products, we see the business partnership as a relationship that works two ways, based on our vast experience we will always provide suggestions on what is the best way to reach the client ‘s goal.