How To Make Your Parking Lot Smart & Modern

How To Make Your Parking Lot Smart and Modern

Parking has a long history, but its sophistication is growing at an exponential rate. When it comes to smart parking solutions, we’re talking about a variety of interesting technologies that have the potential to elevate your parking lot to an altogether new level of professionalism. Smart parking solutions are the future of parking whether they monitor and enhance the safety of your parking lot, allow you to collect real-time analytics and business information on your parking places, or assist you in increasing your revenue. This article will teach you all you need to know about these solutions and how they may help your company by making your car park smart and modern.

3 Main Benefits of Smart Parking

    Smart parking is an emerging concept that uses technology and human innovation to consume as little resources as possible in order to accomplish quicker and easier parking of vehicles during the majority of the time they are idle. In other words, modern parking solutions improve efficiency by using technology to help cars in identifying the closest available parking place, therefore saving both time and money.

    Smart parking provides 3 main benefits:

    • Reduced congestion

    Smart parking reduces congestion in high-traffic places like downtown or stadiums. It decreases traffic generated by cars hunting for parking places, which might take longer than getting to your destination.

    • Lower costs

    An intelligent parking system cuts your parking lot staff expenses. Smart meters enable drivers to pay electronically instead of stopping at the meter. This allows you to save on staffing costs and increase efficiency.

    • Less pollution

    Smart parking reduces air pollution caused by idle automobiles by enhancing efficiency and minimizing congestion in busy places such as downtown or near shopping malls.

    Parking management strategy

    Be a Wise Parking Manager

    Innovative parking solutions are gradually becoming the standard, especially among large corporations and institutions. As a parking manager, you should understand what makes a smart parking solution outstanding so that you can choose the one that best meets your requirements.

    Here are some tips to help you choose the right smart parking solution that will make your parking lot smart & modern:

    • Determine what features matter most to you

    There are dozens of different features available in smart parking solutions, from payment processing and enforcement to data analytics and asset tracking. While all of these features are useful in their own way, they do not all match every company model equally well.

    • Understand your business goals

    Before deciding which option is best for you, you need to know precisely what your parking lot objectives are. Do you want to make more money or reduce costs? Are you hoping to increase efficiency and reduce congestion? Or maybe you want to boost income by providing additional payment choices and scalable rates?

    • Find out how much flexibility you want in your system

    Do you want something that can be easily updated as needed or do you want something that's already fully featured and ready to go? You may need more than one option depending on how much customizability is required, so look into each option carefully before making any final decisions about what would work best for your needs.

    • Look for integrations with other systems

    A good system is able to integrate with your existing technology infrastructures, such as your mobile application or physical protection products. It should also be simple to use by all parties involved in the process — from drivers looking for parking spots to managers monitoring traffic flow.

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    Improve the Parking Experience Through Smart Technologies

    One thing is crystal clear when we look at what the future holds for the parking industry: smart technology will continue to be a driving force behind innovation and will make parking easier for everyone.

    Parking has become much more comfortable and easy for everyone concerned with the help of technology. Drivers can now identify available parking spaces more quickly and simply than ever before thanks to intelligent parking systems. Some systems, for example, employ sensors implanted in the pavement to identify open spaces, whilst others use cameras to monitor available spots.

    By using smart technology, you can also gain valuable insight into how people park and move throughout the day. This will allow you to see if there are any patterns or trends that can help you improve customer service by making it easier for them to find available spaces quickly and easily. Smart technology has also made it easier for drivers to pay for parking. Payments can be made via a mobile app or via a smart device at the entrance of a car park. 

    These parking systems are being installed in cities all over the world as governments realize that they can boost traffic flow by making it easier for drivers to find available parking spots.

    Source: Image by pressfoto on Freepik

    Increase Security with Smart Parking Technology

    Smart technology has many useful features that can help make your parking facility safer. The most notable of these features is the ability to track vehicles from their arrival to departure using license plate recognition technology - ANPR. This allows you to monitor every vehicle that enters or exits your lot, helping ensure that your facility is safe for everyone who uses it. 

    ANPR cameras can not only scan license plates, but they can also match them with a database of cars that have been whitelisted for parking lot entry. These cameras also give you real-time information about every vehicle entering and exiting your lot, which makes it easy to track down stolen vehicles, identify drivers who don't pay, and keep a record of who enters the lot.

    Another outstanding feature of modern parking technology is the ability to control access in real time by remotely locking or unlocking access points.  If you have numerous levels of parking, ANPR technology can assist you in managing access control by limiting access to certain levels or areas of the building based on license plate numbers.

    Leverage Smart Parking to Enhance Data Analytics

    Over the past decade or so, data analytics has become an increasingly crucial aspect of our lives as more businesses depend on it in their everyday operations. From retailers who use data analytics tools to track online customer behavior and make improvements based on those insights, to financial institutions who use analytics to analyze trading strategies, it's clear that businesses need access to reliable data to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

    Intelligent parking systems seek to make analytic data useful to end users such as parking managers and municipal administration. The goal is to provide actionable information that will help drivers improve their overall parking experience, reduce traffic, reduce environmental impact, and increase revenue.

    However, without the correct tools, analyzing large data sets may be intimidating for most people. This makes it difficult for end users to make sense of the available information. Smart parking solutions are intended to simplify huge data by giving a more user-friendly interface that helps you to better understand your parking data and make choices based on it.

    Environmental Advantages of Smart Parking Lot Design

    Parking lots are substantial sources of carbon emissions, and smart parking lot design can help dramatically reduce that impact.

    The most obvious advantage is that smart car park design allows for better utilization of space. Using sensors, cameras, and other technologies to better manage your parking lots can reduce energy consumption, vehicle idling time, and fuel consumption. This helps lower your carbon footprint while increasing productivity for your business.

    Another key benefit is automation. It not only saves time, money, and resources; but it also enhances customer service. Automated entrance gates allow automobiles to enter without stopping at a booth; automated departure gates may be used to reduce exit delays, and automated payment kiosks help relieve traffic congestion at pay stations by allowing drivers to pay before driving out into traffic.

    Smart parking lot design also has other advantages that may not seem as obvious or immediate but are nonetheless important from an environmental perspective such as leveraging renewable power sources like solar panels to generate electricity for parking protection and security systems.

    Environmental Advantages of Smart Parking Lot Design

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    Take a Step Forward into the Modern Parking Age

    The way parking is handled throughout the world is rapidly changing as more car parks transition to smart and contemporary parking systems.  Intelligent parking technology and its many interfaces will assist your company in becoming a model of efficient management. Any parking firm should consider smart technology, as your investment will pay off quickly. Parking managers, enforcement officials, and employees are able to utilize a full range of modern tools with smart technology. There is no question that smart parking technology is a win-win for everybody concerned, from boosting efficiency, lowering expenses, increasing safety, and providing environmental advantages, so don't be afraid to take the step forward into the modern parking age.

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