Top 10 Benefits of Smart Parking Protection And Why You Should Use It

Top 10 Benefits of Smart Parking Protection And Why You Should  Use It

You've undoubtedly been in this situation a million times: you're waiting in front of a parking lot entrance and your car window is rolled down. Next, you must extend your arm out of the car to obtain an entrance ticket, and only then can you enter the parking lot. Many parking lots unfortunately still use this obsolete system of parking protection, but with the advancement of technology, these methods will soon be a matter of the past.

And how many times has it happened to you that you can’t seem to find a free parking spot on your way to work or back home? We imagine you’re probably getting annoyed just by reading this.

But there are solutions to everything—even parking problems!

We'll go through the ten benefits of implementing intelligent parking protection and solutions and why you should think about investing in them if you want to safeguard your parking space, whether it's a single spot or a larger parking area.

1. Use Smart Parking Protection Easily

Spending time looking for parking is frustrating in today's world where every second counts. Assume you purchase a manual parking barrier to safeguard your parking space; you will still need to get out of your car to unlock it every time you need to park. However, with smart parking solutions, you can enjoy the convenience of a seamless parking system. For example, you can use your smartphone to open and close an automatic parking barrier. And what’s best, you can also give access to anyone you want by sharing digital keys via the free app. Choose a time interval for barrier use or provide unlimited access - the choice is yours! If you have a larger parking area to secure, you should consider getting an automatic parking gate or chain barrier. Combined with the ANPR system, these parking protection products will provide access to anyone whose license plate is “whitelisted” inside the system. The ANPR camera will detect a car approaching the parking gate, and the gate will automatically rise and close once the vehicle enters the parking lot. 

Use Smart Parking Protection Easily
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2. Monitor Your Parking Lots 

One thing that gives a headache both to parking lot owners and drivers is traffic congestion in the parking lot. This usually happens when there’s no insight into parking lot occupancy, especially at busy lots near the city center. By using cameras and parking detection system, managers will be provided with valuable data about how their customers use their lots, so they can make informed decisions about how they're allocated in the future. For example, suppose one lot is always full during rush hour while another remains half empty despite being close by. In that case, managers will know which lot should get more attention when planning future events with limited space availability.

3. Manage Parking Lot Using Real-time Data

The most common use of smart parking systems is to manage your parking lot effectively. This includes real-time reporting, which helps you track how many spaces are available in each section of your parking lot. This way, you can manage the flow of vehicles entering and exiting your property without having to physically monitor them yourself. For example, if there has been an error with any of the parking protection, the parking management system will send out a notification so that you can respond accordingly. Another major benefit of using a smart parking management system is that it has a user-friendly interface. This means that even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, you can still easily work with this software without any problems. 

Parking Lot Management
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4. Minimize Carbon Footprint

When you reduce the number of cars driving around looking for parking spots, you'll also reduce carbon emissions caused by idling engines while drivers get ready to drive away from their existing spot or wait in line at the exit parking gate. With fewer drivers circling, you'll be able to reduce traffic jams and make it easier for other people to find parking spots. This will also reduce road rage because drivers won't have to sit in long lines waiting to get out of a parking lot. With an effective smart parking system in place, it is easier for customers who require assistance locating a spot because there is less congestion caused by other vehicles circling in an attempt to find available spots.

5. Maximize Revenue

Making money from your parking lots can be tough if you don't manage them well. Smart parking protection allows you to optimize revenue by ensuring that all available space is used as efficiently as possible. You can monitor and optimize your parking lot using the parking occupancy detection system. With AI monitoring of the parking lot area, you can determine which hours are the busiest and adjust the hourly tariff accordingly. Smart parking protection is also designed to be easy to maintain and use. You don’t need to worry about replacing batteries or repairing the system as it has a long life span. This makes it a great option for those who want something uncomplicated but effective.

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6. Save Time, Gas, And Money

If you are like most people, you have to spend a lot of time searching for an empty parking spot. This can take up a lot of your time, especially if many other people are looking for a spot at the same time as well. When you consider that you are probably doing this every day while driving to and from work, it can drastically drain your gas tank (and your wallet!). Let’s put it in numbers -  an average driver spends around an extra $350 per year due to parking spot searches. And let’s say you’ve been doing it for at least 10 years, the sum saved would pay for a nice 7-day vacation trip to Bali for two!

Also, what if we told you that an average person spends about 25 minutes every day looking for a parking spot? That's more than 6 days every year! Save your precious time, gas, and money by investing in proper parking protection. When you know there’s a spot waiting for you back home, life is just easier. 

7. Integrate Them Into Any Smart City System

Smart parking solutions are designed to work regardless of the infrastructure or technology used in a city. They can be integrated into any smart city system and provide real-time information about available parking spaces. For example, smart parking solutions can be used in conjunction with other smart city systems, including parking lot terminals, EV charging stations, public transportation apps, and more. Thanks to the smart parking API and universal electronic module, any parking-related device or app can get smart parking features. This is a particularly useful benefit for business owners who have customers and clients visiting their facilities on a daily basis. This way, businesses will offer more value to their products, and more importantly, customers will trust them and return.

Integrate smart parking solutions in smart city systems
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8. Install The Parking Protection Products Yourself

Did you that it takes less than 15 minutes to install an automatic parking barrier? You can secure your parking place quickly by following the simple guidelines. All you need is a good drill machine, and that’s it! Because batteries power the barrier, there is no need for cable installation. However, if you don't want to deal with battery charging, you can always choose the model with the traditional power source. For larger parking areas, there is a solar-powered version of the automatic gate which requires no power supply, only installation. 

9. Improve Security And Safety In Your Parking Lot

If you have a smart detection system placed in your parking lot, you will receive real-time updates on what is going on there. You will be able to see who is arriving and departing at what times, as well as license plates. This means you'll be able to tell whether there have been any illegal activities in your parking lot. Smart parking protection products such as barriers and gates are vandalism-proof and can protect your property from any damage caused by unauthorized vehicles. These barriers are designed in such a way that they are able to withstand hard hits without causing any damage to them. As a result, you can save a lot of money as well as time when it comes to repairs on these barriers.

Parking monitoring
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10. Reduce Stress Level

If you live in a larger city, then you know how difficult it can be to find an available parking spot, especially if you reside in an apartment building. There will be no need to get up early to avoid traffic jams once smart parking protection is installed. Imagine how relieved you would be if you didn't have to look for a free parking spot and could simply park in front of your office or home. And what’s best, you can control all intelligent parking products with your smartphone without having to get out of the vehicle. Let’s face it, life is just too short to waste it on parking spot searches!

Final Thoughts

The benefits above are just the beginning. You will be astounded by how a little investment in technology can improve your everyday life, and make a world of difference in running your business as well. With so many benefits, it's hard to ignore the staggering ROI that comes with choosing the right smart parking option for your business. And if you want to secure a parking place for your personal needs, you will definitely save up on so many things - money, time, fuel, and most importantly, you will be stress-free!

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