Parklio™ Brain: How to convert existing parking and access control systems into smart ones

Can I make my existing garage door smart?

Advanced technologies have made our lives more comfortable, convenient, and secure than ever before. In fact, the notion of living without smart devices and appliances is now nearly unimaginable. Parking and protecting your vehicle is no exception, for a good reason. If you're considering upgrading your parking protection to a smarter system, keep reading to discover the advantages of smart features over conventional systems.

What can Parklio™ Brain do for you?

Parklio™ Brain is a universal electronic module that can convert your existing parking protection or access control system into a smart one, giving it all the features of an intelligent remote control. Let’s take a closer look at a range of advantages introduced by Parklio Brain.

Smartphone control

With smartphone control at your fingertips, there's no more dealing with keys or remote controls. The intuitive Parklio smartphone app lets you effortlessly manage your parking protection with just a few taps. Whether you need to activate your parking barrier, open or close the entrance gate, share access with others, or monitor the status of your parking protection, it's all easily done from your phone. This seamless integration of smartphone control and remote access ensures that you have complete command over your parking protection, no matter where you are.

Digital key sharing and blocking

Share digital keys with friends, family, partners, or colleagues to provide convenient and secure parking access, eliminating the need for physical duplicates and reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. Moreover, if you ever need to revoke access, the app provides a straightforward option to block digital keys instantly.

Compatibility with existing controls

The Parklio Brain seamlessly integrates with your current controls, allowing them to continue to function normally if necessary. For example, if you have a conventional parking barrier, or a high-quality product that lacks modern functionalities, there is no need to replace it, as you have the option to integrate Parklio Brain into your existing solution, transforming it into an intelligent system. What's more, Brain's versatility extends beyond parking, as it seamlessly integrates into garage doors, driveway gates, automatic doors, and more, enhancing their capabilities with advanced Parklio features.

Real-time data 

Insight into real-time data is especially useful when managing parking barriers such as boom gates or chain barriers. With the ability to monitor user activity and analyze usage patterns, you gain the tools to make informed decisions and enhance the efficiency and convenience of your parking area. This data-driven approach empowers you to optimize parking spaces, ensuring they are utilized to their full potential while providing a seamless and convenient experience for all users. 

Simple installation

Installation is a breeze, taking just minutes to connect Brain to your existing equipment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits in no time.

In other words, Parklio Brain provides access to all the functionalities of the Parklio system without the need to invest in new parking protection, offering real-time information, digital key sharing, and user-friendly app control. 

Parklio Brain in parking barriers

Integration of Parklio™ Brain with Parking Barriers

Because it is compatible with numerous access control systems, this revolutionary electronic module can be easily integrated into existing parking protection such as gate barriers, chain barriers, or bollards, which makes it highly adaptable and versatile. As a result, these existing systems acquire the full range of features offered by Parklio.

The Parklio Brain can also be upgraded with the Parklio Gateway, which enables secure remote control of multiple products, regardless of your physical location. Additionally, implementing magnetic sensors provides real-time status information, indicating whether the parking barriers are open or closed. Moreover, Parklio Brain is backed by CE and ROHS certifications, which meet the highest quality standards, ensuring its exceptional performance and reliability.

For users, the benefits are transformative. Instant access to real-time data enables informed decisions and enhanced security, and the module's capability for convenient key-sharing makes it simple for multiple people to use the same entrance or even parking spot. Furthermore, the intuitive user interface provides smooth navigation and control, ensuring that even the most advanced functionalities are at the user's fingertips.

Parklio™ Brain in other products that protect vehicles and prevent unauthorized access

Parking barriers aren't the sole option for providing intelligent protection to your vehicle. Garage doors, sectional doors, and driveway, swing, or sliding gates can also be converted into smart solutions using Parklio Brain, and all it takes is just a few minutes.

You can make such a door or gate smart in two ways: either replace it with a smart garage door opener, which is the more expensive option, or make your existing opener smart. If your current opener is working just fine and you do not want to replace it, Parklio Brain will provide you with the same features you could get by buying a new smart device.

For example, let's say you want to make your garage door smart. To begin, you'll need to connect the Parklio Brain to the control panel of the garage door. This enables you to manage the door using the application installed on your smartphone or other mobile device, which sends signals to the Brain. Once the setup is complete, enjoy remote control and monitoring of your garage door through the app. The same goes for your driveway gate and gates that protect your property or parking lot.

Besides eliminating the need for physical keys or remotes and conveniences like control via smartphone, this means you will have real-time information on whether the doors or gates are open or closed, enhancing security and providing you peace of mind. The app also allows you to simply grant temporary or permanent access to family members, friends, or employees.

How to convert existing access system into smart one
Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik

Can I install Parklio™ Brain by myself?

Yes, you can, even with basic technical knowledge. A simple installation requires just a few steps:

  • First, you have to connect the output of the Parklio Brain to the appropriate input terminals of your access control device.
  • Simply connect the Parklio Brain to a power supply. The socket may already be available, in which case you can take power from the access control device. Alternatively, you can also use a 230V or 110V power adapter.
  • After that, you can easily set up user accounts within seconds. The Parklio app is free to download for you and all your users, and it works on Android, iOS, and Huawei devices. The app features unlimited user accounts.
  • Finally, set up the Parklio Brain via Bluetooth using the Parklio Connect application.

Although installing Parklio Brain is easy if you have a basic technical understanding and follow the instruction manual, you can always seek help from the professionals at Parklio support.

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