Protecting Private Property: 3 Smart Practices to Prevent Unauthorized Parking

Protecting private property from unauthorized parking

Parking on public land or roads comes with a set of straightforward rules and regulations. But when it comes to private property, the situation often enters a grey area that can cause confusion and frustration for property owners. So, what can you do about unauthorized parking on your property? To help you address this challenge, we have compiled a list of actions you can take.

How to prevent unauthorized parking on your property

It is a well-established fact that taking preventative measures is often more effective than addressing the problem after it occurs. In cases of unauthorized parking, preventive measures can save you the time and hassle of identifying vehicle owners, requesting vehicle removals, or dealing with potential conflicts with vehicle owners and engaging with authorities.

Moreover, taking steps to protect private properties not only ensures that they are always available for their intended users but also enhances the security of the property. So let’s discuss what you can do to deter unwelcome vehicles before they become an issue. 

#1 Place clear signage

Effective signage may include messages such as "Private Property", "No Trespassing", "Parking by Permit Only", and "Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner's Expense". These signs act as a direct and overt form of communication, informing potential violators about the restrictions or parking regulations in place.

By clearly stating the consequences of unauthorized parking, such as towing or fines, signage helps you mitigate the risk of unauthorized use of your property, ensuring that it’s reserved for you or authorized users only.

Ensure signs are made from durable materials like aluminum or steel, and use high-contrast colors for text and background to enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Private property sign

#2 Paint markings

Painting clear messages or symbolic markings directly on the ground can reduce the likelihood of unauthorized parking on private properties. Markings on private parking areas such as painted lines and symbols help drivers to understand where they can and cannot park.

For instance, painting bold, clear lines to designate individual parking spaces and labeling them with "Reserved" or "Permit Only" can clearly indicate restricted access. Adding specific symbols such as a tow-away warning or the universal no parking sign directly on the pavement further emphasizes the restrictions. 

#3 Install smart parking barriers

Private properties have various parking needs depending on their size, usage, and security requirements. Keep reading to find out which barrier is best suited for different types of private parking scenarios.

Single-Space Smart Parking Barrier

Ideal for:

  • Protecting individual parking spaces from unauthorized use
  • Reserving parking for individuals with special requirements or VIP status

Whether it's your home driveway, a designated spot in a residential complex, or the EV charging station you’ve installed in your business’s parking lot, the smart parking barrier is a clever investment for anyone looking to protect their private parking space. Made from durable materials, these parking barriers are built to withstand wear and tear and provide long-lasting performance in any weather.

Although they are typically controlled using a keyfob, the advanced models now allow you to raise or lower the barrier straight from your smartphone. Those models also often include an auto-close feature, which automatically activates when the vehicle leaves the parking space and adds an additional layer of security by ensuring that your parking space is secured and reserved for your return.

Automatic parking barrier

Automatic Gate Barrier

Ideal for:

  • Controlling access to a larger parking area
  • Medium to high-traffic entrances

If you're managing a private, busy parking lot or a parking garage in a high-traffic area, you'll find that automatic gate barriers are a reliable and versatile solution. The robust construction of these barriers makes them well-equipped to handle frequent usage, allowing them to operate 24/7 autonomously without the need for manual intervention.

By integrating these barriers with cutting-edge parking technologies like Automatic Number Plate Recognition, you take control and security to a whole new level, as the gate barrier will allow access to authorized vehicles only. What's more, with the addition of timers, you can set precise time intervals for the gate barrier to either stay open or closed as needed.

Automatic Chain Barrier

Ideal for:

  • Safeguarding wide entrances and restricted zones within parking areas
  • Protecting several parking spots in the same row

A line of premium parking at a luxury resort, a designated parking area for company executives, VIP parking zones at event venues, or even a broad driveway are good examples of why automatic chain barriers are a great solution for properties with specific spatial and operational requirements.

One great feature of the automatic chain barriers is that they are customizable, which means you can customize the chain length to fit your property's unique requirements. If you're in a situation where it's not easy to connect the barrier to the electrical grid and you're looking for self-sufficient parking protection, you can opt for a solar panel kit with your automatic chain barrier. 

Automatic Rising Bollards

Ideal for:

  • Preventing vehicle access while allowing pedestrian movement
  • Areas where aesthetics are important, as they can retract fully underground

Automatic rising bollards are an excellent choice for protecting private properties that require robustness, controlled accessibility, and minimal visual impact, such as parking facilities of exclusive apartment complexes, private healthcare and educational facilities, or industrial parks.

These bollards can fully retract into the ground within a matter of seconds, and once the vehicle has passed, the bollards automatically rise back into position. With a simple remote controller, you can raise or lower bollards with a single click, but if you prefer set-and-forget systems, timer-based controls can automate bollard movement based on your schedule, which is perfect for regular business hours for example. If you're after even more convenience, installing license plate recognition will grant you access immediately. Moreover, for tech enthusiasts, sophisticated systems enable bollard control directly from your smartphone.

What to do when someone parks on my property

What to do if someone parks on your property

If you find an unauthorized vehicle parked on your private property, it's important to handle the situation with a level head. Although it's always frustrating, this act doesn't fall under a criminal offense, which means that unless the vehicle poses a safety threat, is obstructing traffic, or is parked in a designated tow-away zone, the police's ability to intervene might be limited. Rather than letting frustration get the better of you, a peaceful dialogue can go a long way. Waiting for the driver to return allows you to address the issue directly and calmly, letting them know they have parked on private property, which is inconvenient and not permissible.

Consider the potential repercussions before taking actions like blocking the vehicle or worse, vandalizing it—both can lead to unnecessary legal complications. Instead, if the driver is not present, leaving a note on their windshield can be an effective way to communicate your message. Express your need for them to avoid using your property in the future. 


In conclusion, taking proactive steps to safeguard your private property from unauthorized parking is undoubtedly the most efficient approach. Rather than confronting the issue after drivers have already encroached upon your space, it's far more productive to prevent the situation from arising in the first place.

Smart parking barriers are an excellent solution to this common problem, as they keep your parking area secure and allow you to control who can access it with precision and ease. 

Protecting Private Property: 3 Smart Practices to Prevent Unauthorized Parking

Protecting Private Property: 3 Smart Practices to Prevent Unauthorized Parking

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