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Protect your parking spot with ease using Parklio Barrier,  a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution that is simple to install. Enjoy the convenience of smartphone control combined with robust construction that adheres to high safety and quality standards.
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Why people choose Parklio™

When placed side by side with other parking barriers, the Parklio™ Parking Barrier definitely stands out, thanks to its many user-centric benefits, which include:

Unmatched convenience and safety 

From its effortless installation to the integration of a solar panel for extended battery autonomy, Parklio guarantees uninterrupted operation, even in areas with limited electrical power access. The auto-close feature further enhances users' experience by automatically closing the barrier when the vehicle leaves the parking spot. Plus, for those with larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, Parklio offers an innovative accessory to extend the barrier's height, addressing visibility concerns. 

Versatile Control and Personalization

With the free Connect app, users can easily control access, share digital keys, and provide precise navigation to the parking barrier's location. The barrier is also compatible with a wide range of access control systems, such as RFID cards, QR codes, push buttons, ANPR cameras, GSM modules, timers, and even EV chargers, with the optional I/O board accessory. On top of that, extensive personalization options are available, allowing you to personalize the barrier to match your brand's identity. 

Extended Warranty and Superior Performance

Parklio stands behind its product with an extended 3-year warranty, emphasizing its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the barrier showcases an extraordinary working capacity that sets it apart from its competitors, highlighting its superior durability and efficiency. This clearly shows Parklio's dedication to delivering products that not only meet but surpass market standards. 

Compare and Choose the best Tau alternative

FEATURES Parklio Logo™ TAU
Easy installation
Rechargeable battery
Solar Panel
Control - Mobile App / Software
Control - Keyfob
Control - GSM/ SMS
Control - GSM/Call
Control - RFID cards
Control - QR Codes
Control - Push buttons
Control - ANPR cameras
Control - Timer
Digital Key Sharing
Time Interval Specified Keys
Auto Close
Height extension
Obstacle Detection System
Electric Power
Material: Steel, Aluminium
Customizable (color, logo)
Navigation to the barrier location
Vandal & Shock Protection
Operations on single battery charge (Excluding Solar) 403 x
In compliance with EU standards
Warranty 3 years 2 years
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