Parklio parking barrier – parking guard

Parking protection

We have all found ourselves in situation of coming back home or to an office and finding our parking spot occupied.

Marking your parking spot as a private one, protecting it with cones and similar items has no effect? No matter what, there is always somebody parked on your private parking spot and you always end up spending precious time to find some other parking spot? You are constantly asking yourself: "How to protect my parking spot?!"

Question yourself no more, as we have the solution! Introducing Parklio™ – best solution for protecting your parking place.

Parklio™ Parking Barrier
Parklio™ – Smart parking barrier

Parklio™ parking barrier – solution for parking

Parklio™ is a smartphone controlled and solar powered parking barrier that prevents unauthorized parking and enables key sharing among the users. You can control it remotely with your smartphone via Bluetooth on the distance of up to 50 m. Parklio™ barriers are solar powered and don’t require any external charging as they have rechargeable batteries which can last up to 6 months on one charge.

Parklio™ Connect app
Parklio™ mobile application screenshot

In addition to that, with Parklio, you can share your parking place with other users by sending them digital keys for specified time interval.

Dimensions of (410x380x450) mm and the weight of just 13 kg makes Parklio™ barrier very practical and easy to install. Once you have installed Parklio™ barrier it will reliably protect your parking place from any type of unauthorized parking. Parklio™ barriers are made in Europe from high quality steel and can withstand the force of up to 6 tons so you don’t have to worry about vandalism.

Average vehicle drives 1 hour, it is parked for 16 hours in front of the house, and 7 hours at other locations.

Parklio™ Vehicle Presence
Vehicle presence graph

Leaving parking space unprotected for 7 hours can result with somebody else parking on that space. Don’t let that happen to you, order your Parklio barrier today and you will never have to worry about parking place again!

You can find more details about Parklio barriers on the official brochure and website.