Parklio API

Integrating Parklio solutions in your existing application through Parklio API will significantly improve your customer parking experience. It provides greater functionality and scope of services within a single application. Systems can be connected quickly and easily what allows you to optimize your clients’ operational activities.
It’s clear that for most users, nothing is more valuable than their time. Parklio API, in addition with the Parklio barriers, speeds up finding and securing a parking space and removes all your parking concerns like availability or location of the parking lot.
Parklio API enables control of Parklio barriers and it is accessible to developers for use in new or existing Web, mobile and in-car apps
What exactly will make your customers experience better?
Saving time and money for your customers while removing the burden of parking of their back!
Provide your customers with smooth parking experience and they will always come back to you for more!
With Parklio API it is simple!
  • Parklio API provides your clients with RELIABLE real-time parking availability information
  • Upon reservation, your guests will receive a key to the barrier through your app so they can be  assured the parking place is waiting for them.

Forget the struggle of finding an open parking place on a large parking – your clients will be navigated to the exact location where their smart parking barrier is guarding the place only for them!


With the precise and real-time parking location information, your clients will never again have to worry about locating their car in a large parking lot and the inconvenient hassled parking situations will be a thing of the past.

Reward your customers with great and reliable service and they will always come back to you.

While the integrated Parklio API provides you with on-time parking capacity information, the Parklio smart barrier will guard the booked parking place until the driver arrives.
The Parklio API enables the control of Parklio products and it is accessible to developers to integrate in new or existing web, mobile and in-car apps.
It provides real-time parking information for lots, garages and street places as well as for places dedicated to electric vehicles, handicapped-accessible or visitor places.

Forget oversupply of parking places and ineffective use of your existing parking capacity.


Increase the revenue by increasing the occupancy and reducing non-payments. Your parking will never be unused.

Integration of smart parking barriers via the Parklio API in your system will provide you with the necessary on-time information that allows you to optimize your parking by giving you the best way to fill it, all from your own interface.

Optimize the use of your parking facilities with accurate real-time information.

With our Parklio web CMS, you will be provided with analytics which can bring additional value to you and your business. Based on this information, you will be able to gain insight into the behavior of your customers, allowing you to improve your business practices and benefit your business.

The Parklio API integration allows the real-time information on parking place availability, accepting mobile payments for place, sending notifications to the car owner and bridging SMS with the current solution.

We provide you with real data for every Parklio product, for example for each of your Parklio barriers you will have the information about: barrier state, barrier position, auto-close feature state, is the barrier occupied by a car, charging state. With detailed statistics about parking usage (up-to-date and accurate parking capacity data), monitoring the current situation and the possibility of interconnection with payment systems, your parking management will have simplified parking data collection at a reduced cost. All the provided information will enable you to bring business decision which are based on reliable “field data”.
It will allow you to monitor your business from the comfort of your home or office and be in charge of your parking from wherever you want.
Keep track of your business at any time and use that information for your business strategies.
City governments, universities and transit agencies can benefit from the Parklio API and add real-time parking location information to heir applications.
Cities are facing growing challenge to become smart and interconnected!
In order to reach efficiency and reduce traffic, noise and pollution, cities must adopt new smart parking solutions that can be integrated with autonomous non-polluting vehicles of the tomorrow.
Reduce traffic congestions and carbon dioxide emissions by managing parking lots more efficiently, optimize and manage the street parking in a single platform with the Parklio API.

Rethinking and improving parking is the key step for making a Smart City.

Empower you app or web site to make parking easier for its users with highly customizable and easy to integrate Parklio API.
Personalization is the key to our approach – we tailor your parking solutions according to your specific requirements to the actual individual needs of each city’s infrastructure and people!

Organize separate parking lots with parking barriers in attractive location and enable better experience for your guests!

Parklio offers solution for:

EV Charging stations – Intelligent electric vehicles (EV) charging station will be able to interact with the barriers. Enable monitoring of parking places with charging stations for EVs. There is nothing more frustrating than coming to your EV charger just to find that some other vehicle has parked on it and is not even using it.
Prepare for the future of mobility and its parking needs.

Organize separate parking lots with parking barriers in attractive location and enable better experience for your guests!

Corporate parking – Employees can check the availability of parking places in the building from their mobile app while visitors will have their parking secured when coming to your office.

Bring your business to another level with these advanced parking solutions.

Private parking – If someone parks at your home or office parking place then you”ll get an immediate update on your phone. With smart parking solutions, only you can open and close your parking place or parking entrance at anytime from anywhere.

Parking is the first level of security and comfort of your home.

Event parking – If you own a convention place where events happen often then a smart parking solution will be a lifesaver for every event hosted at your property. Your visitors can use an event parking app to find out the live available parking place and also book the place in advance.

Traffic jams and congestion that accompany special events will become a thing of the past.

University parking – for managing the parking of universities with a huge flow of students, professors, staff, user friendly parking system saves both the students and the staff from parking headaches and prevents circling and car congestions and reduce greenhouse emissions on campus. And you will have a secured place for special guests. Provide your students, professors and all employees with deserved respect by giving them adequate parking.
Airport parking – all your parking requirements will be met. Both regulating the constant flow of passengers and controlling the parking of airport employees and service company personnel is made possible by integrating Parklio solution to your existing system.

Kiss your smart parking provider and fly!

Rental Cars and taxi services – With the Parklio rental and taxi cars solutions, you will have full control and management of the vehicles fleet. Every time a vehicle enters and exits your parking lot, you will receive a notification. You will eliminate the need for attendants and paperwork with automated entrance/exit system. Parking places for your employees will always be available for your rental cars, no outside intruders will be able to park, while you will have the precise information about the current situation on the parking lot.

Sweep the competition with the parking solution for your fleet.

Leisure sector – sites that have a large throughput of visitors on a daily basis will gain unlimited benefits from a secure and smart parking system. It will allow your visitors and guests to fully enjoy the facility which will result in higher level of customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Let the satisfaction of your customers begin with your convenient parking options.

Shopping centers – How would you like to turn one of the most important and most challenging factors that affects consumer choice into your biggest asset?
Turn the endless queues, cars circling, getting stuck or lost inside the huge parking facility into a pleasant attraction! With the Parklio smart parking solutions your clients will be provided with the booked parking place and the possibility to book, change, open, close the parking barrier from their smartphone. Also with the Parklio personalization option, you can have your brand color and design on your parking to distinguish yourself from the competition and from the usual ugly grey parking background. Intuitive, reliable, attractive and user-friendly parking solutions will make them come back to you knowing their parking will wait for them.

Overcome one of the biggest challenges for any shopping mall!

Extend your service with our additional options for a more advanced and easier way to suit all parking needs – Parklio gate, chain, pilomat, LPE etc.
Parklio gates are designed for large parking places placed at the entrance of the parking lot. They are available in different lenghts (from 2.5m to 7m).
Parklio pilomat ensures a high level of safety for buildings and enclosed territory, more precisely from the operation of the single parking place to anti-terrorism protection.
Parklio chain with electro-mechanical movement can easily divide public and private parking for single or multiple parking places.
These solutions will ensure a high level of safety for medium and large parking places placed at the entrance of business buildings, public areas, hospitals, hotels and similar facilities. It’s a practical way of preserving and securing the parking areas often abused by unauthorized parking or inappropriate vehicle access.
In order to use the Parklio API, a Parklio gateway will be necessary. Proprietary Parklio gateways allow reliable insight into your parking spaces in real-time. With the Parklio gateway you can remotely manage Parklio products. Parklio gateways allow the implementation of these parking solutions within your system.  
If you are dealing with any type of parking you can easily integrate Parklio products with our API.
The Parklio API is easily integrated into any parking ecosystem, reducing operational costs while increasing revenue (efficient use of parking lots based on precise information about location, time, availability …) and improving public image (reliability, user-friendly).
Managing any type of parking has never been easier and safer!
The smart parking industry is getting bigger and bigger. In order to stand out and be ahead of the competition, it is necessary to keep up with the trends and embrace new and improved solutions.
Case study
A parking facility with 38 places equipped with smart Parklio barriers.
Parklio barriers work on low-power sensors to track the occupancy or availability of parking places. This smart based parking protection gives you the information on which parking places are open and which are occupied. For all the Parklio barriers that cover the parking lot, two Parklio gateways with GSM/ethernet modem are enough to provide data connectivity for these barriers. Each Parklio gateway controls the range within 50m and maximum of 20 barriers.
This gateway provides you a continuous live update on the availability of all the parking places. The collected data will be used to broadcast parking information to a parking guidance system and smartphone app for drivers!
Users will receive within their smartphone the info about the barrier state and digital key to open the barrier for a requested period of time.
This not only reduces the operational costs of the whole solution but also eliminates further loss caused by customer dissatisfaction.
Through the Parklio API you would not only monitor the maximal length of parking for every single vehicle on this parking lot but also have the data about the actual occupancy of your parking places. You will have insight into the system usage and based on this information you can make business decisions that will benefit your business.