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Parklio PMS

Parklio™ Parking Management System (PMS) enables reliable control and management of parking lots and Parklio™ smart parking products through a user-friendly interface. Parklio™ PMS is the most advanced parking management system on the market for optimizing parking lot occupancy while providing real-time information about product state, position, and other features.

In conjunction with Parklio™ ANPR, Parklio™ PMS can automate any parking lot making it smarter and more sophisticated. Parklio™ PMS is a truly intelligent parking lot management system because it enables control of products and real-time parking management. Using AI and machine learning PMS is a fully automated parking management system. Besides organizing parking lots, the Parklio™ parking management system can organize traffic flow and serve as an online car parking management system.

Car park management services:

  • Parking protection
  • Parking solutions

Through Parklio™ PMS, parking owners or administrators can manage the following:

  • Raise and lower the product remotely
  • Send digital keys to allow access
  • Block any access key if needed
  • Edit product's features
  • Categorize parking lot according to their wishes and business needs
  • Optimize occupancy
  • Increase revenue
  • We have a local partner in Mexico
  • 20% tax relief available to all Italian-resident companies

Within Parklio™ PMS, parking administrators will be provided with analytics that will add value to their business (customer behavior, number of parking vehicles, average parking time, payment records, sales records, daily reports, monthly reports...).

Advantages of car parking management system

Intelligent car parking management system like Parklio™ PMS takes the guessing out of the game as it offers real-time information about all the products and users’ behavior. History of parking management system dates back decades and intelligent parking management system application like this allows deploying new features on all Parklio™ products from the comfort of the office, home, or any other place. To use Parklio™ Parking Management. You are probably asking yourself, “how parking management system works?”

In order to use Parklio™ web-based parking management system, Parklio™ Gateway will be necessary. Parklio™ Gateway is a proprietary gateway which allows remote product management control with multiple user levels. Parking Management Software includes all smart parking products and services into a user-friendly system. It offers a complete solution for managing different parking areas and corresponding to various parking needs. With Parklio™ PMS, all tasks related to parking management are automated and united into one system. Even more, with Parklio™ ANPR the parking lot owners will have an intelligent parking management system based on image processing.

In addition, Parking Management System features can easily be integrated with other existing software. This can provide new business opportunities for any system that needs efficient parking management through a modern and efficient smart car parking lot management system.

Advantages for drivers:

  • Real time information
  • Reliable parking place reservation
  • Fully automated parking lot
  • Maximum security
  • Seamless user experience

Advantages for parking operators:

  • Smart reporting
  • Occupancy optimization
  • Remote product control
  • Dynamic system adjustment
  • Smart parking lot organization
Parklio CMS with Gateway
Parklio Content Managment parking system

Car park management system

Parklio™ PMS collects comprehensive real-time data on the parking lot so that administrators can have an insight into real-time parking information. It is a responsive web-based application, so parking owners and administrators can make changes instantly with a few clicks on their computer, tablet, or mobile device from anywhere. Parklio™ PMS enables collaboration between multiple administrators and provides full control to the parking owner.

You can access the centralized management of Parklio™ products and software together with a profound analysis of the system analytics with just one click. The full overview of parking usage offers a reliable control solution for parking operators.

Full remote product management, in addition to information such as current occupancy status, product features, status, analytics, makes Parklio™ Parking Management System an outstanding centralized management and control solution.

Use Cases by Sectors

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Car parking management system

Within the Parklio™ PMS home screen, the parking operates will have insight into all the parking lots they manage. By using this advanced vehicle parking management system, the parking operators can tailor their parking facilities according to their needs and requirements. Parklio™ PMS is a highly scalable solution that can work in various industries and categories as a car park management system. For example, hospitals can use the Parklio™ PMS as a hospital parking system to manage the parking lot for their personnel and visitors thus saving precious time. Amusement parks can have their parking facilities organized and occupancy optimized by using the Parklio™ PMS as an amusement park management system or as a theme park management system.

This parking solution is suitable for any indoor or outdoor car park which is important for large-scale parking lots. Parklio™ PMS has been designed in mind to manage small parking lots and parking lots on a city level like a smart city parking system. Click on each parking lot will open the page with more details about that specific parking lot. Also, the parking operators can control every aspect of a parking lot, from organizing the parking places by types and defining working hours of the parking lot to the description of the parking places which will be shown to the customers. Besides being scalable, Parklio™ PMS is a highly adjustable solution that can help on a location with a diverse customer base like, for example, the airports. Parklio™ PMS can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of any airport and thus serve as an airport parking system or a large parking enterprise management system.

Everybody likes holiday and the only bad part about the holiday are the traffic jams when going to complete the holiday shopping list. Shopping malls are the ones most affected by this. Parklio™ PMS can serve as a mall parking management system with its robust backend system and complimentary parking protection products that can optimize traffic flow, reduce traffic congestion, and eliminate the stress.

The parking operator also manages which type of vehicle can enter a certain parking lot (car, bus, truck, etc.…). A good use case is a parking lot where only trucks can park which turns the Parklio™ PMS into a truck parking management system.

Parklio™ PMS with Parklio™ barriers can eliminate valet parking by fully automating parking lot occupancy and providing 100% reserved parking lot for specific venue visitors for a specific time interval. But Parklio™ PMS can also work jointly with the existing valet parking management system by enhancing its performance and optimizing routes for valet drivers.

Any company that wants to provide the best parking experience for its employees can easily use Parklio™ PMS as an office parking management system.

Parking lot managements

Best parking management system

Parklio™ PMS is a unique and modern parking management system which is rich in functionalities and has highly intuitive user interface which can accommodate any customers requirement.

Key features:

  • Automatic real time monitoring
  • Smart reporting
  • Remote control of products
  • Product diagnostics
  • Occupancy optimization
  • Analytics

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FAQ – Parklio™ Parking Management System

Car parking management system is used for monitoring and occupancy optimization of parking lots. It can be used as an intelligent parking management system for urban areas or any other type of area with parking lots.
Parking management system definition includes parking fee, tariff description and zone marking. Based on the input from the parking management system data is being presented to the parking lot visitors through mobile application, display or some other guidance system. Automated parking lots work both outdoor or indoor as a parking garage management system. Parking management equipment includes all the parking protection devices which are used to protect and organize parking lot.
Car parking should be managed in a way which provides full transparency to the visitors while simultaneously keeping high standards of security and optimizing overall occupancy. Customer feedback should always be considered and implemented in the system when possible. A well-managed parking management system befits both the car park operator and visitors.
Due to the various PMS software components and client requirements we are forming the prices once we receive the client inquiry. We strive to provide our clients with best solution, and this is the reason we approach every client individually. Please send us an inquiry and one of our team members will promptly provide you with an offer and additional advice if required.