• Parklio Cloud

    Parking management system which enables control of the parking places where Parklio barriers are installed.

Parklio cloud makes parking simple for everyone as it should be, giving real time reliable information with highly intuitive user interface. All you have to do is login with your Parklio account and you will have insight in all the barriers that you have paired with your mobile application and manage them. Parklio cloud gives you the opportunity to have full control of you parking place.

Send keys

With Parklio cloud you can easily send keys of your parking barriers to other users via web browser.


You will get insight and statistical data about your parking place in real time and will be able to see which parking places are occupied in real time.


No matter the size of your parking place, Parklio cloud will cover all of them thus saving your time and resources to manage them.

You can login anytime, anywhere and have full insight in your parking place. Optimize the usage and efficiency of your facility, make your parking smart and use Parklio cloud.

With Parklio cloud you can allow visitors to park for a specified time interval. You can define starting and ending date and time for which they can park on your parking place.

Why use Parklio Cloud

Time saving

Stop wasting time trying to find a free parking place

Money saving

Reduce man power for parking management and gas consumption

Satisfied users

Every user will appreciate easy and enjoyable parking experience

Real time information

Reliable real-time information about parking place occupancy

This is the only system in the world which provides real time parking occupancy information and protects your parking place from unauthorized parking with Parklio barriers.

Parklio cloud is intended for all users which have multiple parking places and need to manage them efficiently like hotels, shopping malls, charging stations, offices, municipalities, homes and building with driveways and similar facilities which are located in the urban areas.

“With Parklio Cloud you will always make it on time.”