Parklio LPR

Parklio LPR system with parking gates and cameras enables automatic detection of vehicle licenses and ensures automatic access for specific users. It is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention.
This system is used to enhance security, fight crime, compare license plates to a list, to enable car counting systems, to provide parking revenue management, access control and more.
All you need is a license plate of your client and a parking lot to have complete control over your parking and provide your clients with a pleasant and secured parking experience.
There is no need to stop nor swipe card.
This system of integration allows the real-time information on parking space availability, accepting mobile payments for space, sending notifications to the car owner and bridging SMS with the current solution.
City governments, universities and transit agencies can benefit from Parklio API and add a real-time parking location information to their applications. Empower your app or web site to make parking easier for users with highly customizable and easy-to-integrate Parklio API.
If you are dealing with any type of parking you can easily integrate Parklio barriers with our API.