Smart Parking API - Optimize your parking setup with Parklio API

It is clear that for most people, nothing is more valuable than their time. Parklio™ API, in addition to the Parklio™ products, speeds up finding and securing of the parking place and removes all the parking concerns like parking availability or locating of the parking spot. Parklio™ API provides reliable real-time parking information.


  • Seamless integration
  • Real-time information
  • Carefree parking
  • Parking optimization
  • Reliable control
  • User-friendly PMS
  • Highly customizable
  • Parking analytics
  • Revenue generation
  • We have a local partner in Mexico
  • 20% tax relief available to all Italian-resident companies

Parklio™ API is easily integrated into any parking ecosystem, reducing operational costs while increasing revenue (efficient use of parking lots based on precise information about location, time, availability…) and improving public image (reliability, user-friendly).

Parking Counting System

Integrating Parklio™ solutions into any existing application significantly improves the customer parking experience. Parklio™ API provides greater functionality and scope of services within a single application. Any system can be connected quickly and easily thus allowing optimization of the client's operational activities. Thanks to Parklio™ API, monitoring the number of available spaces in the parking lot has never been easier. This parking counting system is designed to deliver high accuracy and reliability.

Parklio License plate recognition
Parklio Content Managment System for LPR

Tracking Open Spaces And Counting System

Parklio™ API provides information on parking lots, parking garages, underground parking, street parking, as well as places dedicated to electric vehicles, accessible parking, or any other type of parking place. It provides real-time data for each smart parking product, for example, users owning multiple barriers will have information about barrier state, barrier position, auto-close option, barrier accessibility, and similar.

What exactly will improve parking facilities?
Upon the reservation, users will receive a key to Parklio™ Barrier through their Parklio Connect app, so they can be assured that the reserved parking place is waiting for them. With accurate real-time parking information, customers will be navigated to the exact location where the smart parking barrier saves the place just for them! While the integrated Parklio™ API provides real-time parking information, the barrier guards the parking place until the driver arrives. API provides control of the products and it is easily integrated into any new or existing web or mobile application.

Analytics And Reports

With Parklio™ PMS, users are provided with analytics that will bring added value to their business. Based on this information, they will be able to gain insight into the behavior of their customers, allowing them to improve their business practices. Parklio™ API integration allows real-time information about parking place availability, accepting mobile payments for parking, sending notifications to the car owner and many more.

Personalization is the key to our approach; Parklio™ parking solutions are made according to the specific requirements and individual needs of each client. Our solution allows the organization of parking lots according to clients' wishes and enables a better experience for the end-users. With Parklio™ API, unpleasant parking experiences and inefficient use of the existing parking capacity will be a thing of the past. It enables parking operators to increase the revenue by increasing the occupancy and optimizing the use of a parking facility. With Parklio™ API no parking will ever be unused.

LPR Tech Parklio

API – Use cases

Parking is an indispensable part of life and wherever we go we will find (mostly inadequate) parking. Therefore, the Parklio™ solution is applicable in many areas of life and business.

City parking solution


City authorities, municipalities, and public institutions can benefit from Parklio™ API. To reach efficiency and reduce traffic, noise, and pollution, cities must adopt new smart parking solutions that can be integrated with non-polluting vehicles of tomorrow. API allows optimization of the parking lots, on-street parking, parking garages in a single platform. Rethinking and improving city parking is the key step for making a Smart City.

EV chargin stations protection

EV charging stations

The future of mobility is ahead, and trends in the transport industry show the undoubted rise of EV cars. However, infrastructure is often unprepared, and the most common concern is access to the EV charging stations. A smart parking solution is needed to fill the gap between modern electric vehicles and their parking needs. With this solution, it is possible to monitor parking places designed for EV cars and to have reliable information on their availability. Furthermore, Parklio™ API enables the reservation of EV charging stations protected with Parklio™ Barriers.

Private parking

Private Parking

By integrating smart parking solutions, owners will be immediately updated if someone parks in front of their home. Parklio™ API offers a high level of security of the parking access, the owners are always in charge of their parking and various Parklio™ products can fit every specific context.

Corporate parking

Corporate parking

The companies with the parking facilities can greatly benefit from Parklio™ API. Businesses with access will be able to provide parking places to their employees at different time intervals as well as for clients visiting them. The parking lots will be well protected and managed following the current needs of the company. It opens the possibility of generating parking revenue.

Event parking

Event parking

(stadiums, exhibitions, convention centers) - Parklio™ API will be a lifesaver for every event that attracts many people, especially those that last a couple of days and have a high flow of visitors in different periods. Visitors can book their places in advance; the organization can optimize the parking most efficiently while traffic jams and congestion that accompany special events will now be eliminated.

Educational institutions parking

Educational institutions

Managing the parking of universities and schools with a huge flow of students, professors, staff, various organizations, and special guests is a challenging task. Luckily, user-friendly Parklio™ API will save both the visitors and the staff from parking headaches. The parking places will be properly used by authorized drivers while real-time information will allow the optimization of the often-congested parking. With our API, the unnecessary circling around any educational institutions will be minimized to the overall satisfaction of all users.

Airport parking

Airport parking

All airport parking requirements will be met. Both regulating the constant flow of passengers and controlling the parking of airport employees and service company personnel is made possible by integrating Parklio™ solutions to the existing system.

Car Rental & Taxi parking solution

Car Rental & Taxi

With Parklio™ API rent-a-car and taxi companies will have full control of their vehicles fleet. There will be a notification every time a vehicle enters and exits the parking lot. Intruders will be prevented, the need for additional staff will be eliminated and owners will be provided with accurate information on the current situation of their parked vehicles.

Residental parking solutions

Leisure sector

Places that have a high traffic flow every day will receive unlimited benefits from our API. High levels of customer satisfaction will result in increased loyalty and improved business performance.

Shopping Malls & Supermarkets parking solutions

Shopping Malls & Supermarkets

Turn endless queues, cars circling, getting stuck, or lost inside a huge parking facility into a pleasant attraction! Thanks to Parklio™ API, customers will be provided with a secured parking place and will know in advance the parking place is waiting for them. Also, with the Parklio™ personalization option, stores can have their brand color and design in their parking lot to differentiate themselves from the competition and the usual gray parking background. The intuitive, reliable, attractive, and easy-to-use solution will make clients always come back.