Parklio gateway

Placed in the middle of the Parklio™ universe, Parklio™ Gateway enables remote control of the Parklio™ products. It serves as an intermediary between the Parklio™ products and the end-user. Besides coordinating and managing all the data communication between the products, Parklio™ Gateway provides real-time parking occupancy information.

It is ideal for the car parks with a larger number of parking spaces and constant flow of users or basically anybody who wants to have remote control of their products. There will be no need that your client controls the products. You or someone who is in charge will be able to do it remotely without any employee.


  • Real-time information
  • Easy and convenient to install
  • Controls up to 20 products
  • The diameter of up to 100 m

Parklio™ Gateway in combination with other Parklio products helps owners of established car parks and property owners to generate and maximize revenue through car parking operations using the latest parking technology. It is ideal for hotels, airports, garages and businesses with a large number of parking spaces and constant flow of users.


Parklio™ Gateway offers simple and reliable insight into parking spaces on the computer or smartphone and with one click it is possible to control Parklio™ products with no distance limitation. It will enable remote control of the Parklio™ products for the users with the multiple parking products and it ensures a great benefit for your car park.

It ensures secure remote control of multiple products regardless of where you are and it is effective for usage on small parking areas as well as on complex systems for large car parks. In the parking lot where the remote control is necessary, the wide range of Parklio™ products allows many options to consider, such as the frequency of use per day, the size of the entry/exit points or the type of barrier, etc.

Gateway controlled via desktop and mobile application
Effective usage of parking space


Parklio™ Gateway provides a solution for more effective usage of the parking spaces giving updated information about the free and occupied parking lot in any type of facility, underground or above ground.

Besides remote control, Parklio™ Gateway allows monitoring of Parklio™ devices via the Internet. It is possible to monitor and control up to 20 Parklio™ devices in a radius of up to 100 m. For example, when you are at home you will be able to control Parklio™ Barriers, Gates or Bollards installed in front of your work. Also, you will be able to send the digital keys of your Parklio™ products to your clients so they will be able to control it remotely and to park their car. Parklio™ Gateway works flawlessly in outdoor and indoor environments with temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 60 °C.



With Parklio™ gateway, you can always have a simple and reliable insight into your parking spaces in real-time on your computer or smartphone. Managing and monitoring parking lot occupancy are possible via user-friendly CMS from any corner of the world.

Parklio™ CMS provides detailed analytics of user behavior and business flow which can bring additional value to the business and the parking experience in general.

Parklio™ gateway, among with Parklio™ API that can be easily integrated into any new or existing web or mobile application, is connected on the server via WiFi and thus allows remote control and integration of our products within any parking solution.

Parklio™ gateway installation is really easy, all the user has to do is mount it to the wall or pole with fixings that come in the packing. Parklio™ gateway connects to the internet via Ethernet or GSM. After plugging in the gateway and completing the setup it can be used to monitor the state and control any nearby Parklio Bluetooth Low Energy prod.

Parklio Gateway Easy to Operate

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If there is a site suitable for parking but no one to supervise it, whether private or public parking operators or you want to provide your employees, tenants, clients with additional parking space that won't be a misuse or if you just want to use parking spaces more effectively and monitor their occupancy Parklio™ Gateway complemented with other Parklio™ products will provide an ideal solution.