Parklio as a part of smart city

Parklio as a part of smart city

We are still not taking full advantage of smart cities and full mobility, although some smart mobility elements have already become a part of our daily routine. We are all aware of the emergence of e-commerce, e-scooters, E-parking reservation system, EVs, and transportation network companies, most of us have Uber, Lime, Lyft apps installed on their smartphones, but what about the role of the transportation industry and automated car parking systems in the development of smart city?

As a company with various parking solutions, we dare to say parking is the missing piece of every smart city puzzle. Several things will change our lives for good and the result could be a new mobility ecosystem that provides faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer, and more efficient transportation than today. How does Parklio fit here?

Parking place

Parking barrier and EV charging stations

Most of the electric cars are charging on the EV charging stations but try to imagine what happens when some other vehicle is parked in front of the station without even using it!

What can Parklio do in that situation? – Parklio smart parking barrier is made to provide reliable protection of the e-filling station for electric cars. If we are speaking about electric vehicles, there are many benefits to saving money and protecting resources. The EV industry is on the rise and cities must prepare its infrastructure.

Thanks to the Parklio best parking barriers, EV drivers will have reliable and real-time info about available EV chargers around them and the possibility to reserve them.

EV charging station

Connection of vehicles and technology with e-parking

Technology has facilitated the use of increasingly popular shared mobility services, enabling seamless use of this state-of-the-art mode of transportation.

Transportation by car is still the most common way of transit, so we need technology that will make it easier for us to park in crowded cities. Parklio enables the control of a parking space with one click on the application. Parklio can be integrated into a parking booking app or any IoT smart parking reservation system. Parklio smart parking barrier interacts with connected vehicles and enables reliable key sharing with users. With Parklio, all entities involved in smart mobility can function in synergy.

Parklio parking place location

Environmentally friendly urban parking solution

Many parking lot operators are considering ways to make their businesses greener. In addition to cars and parking spaces, it is also important to mention how parking equipment can contribute to the quality of life in urban centers.

Parklio is the only 100% green barrier on the market with rechargeable, li-ion, eco-friendly batteries with an integrated solar panel. That battery lasts longer and uses much less energy than traditional batteries which means it is eco-friendly. Digital key sharing, vehicle detection, eco-batteries, real-time information, and other Parklio benefits enrich the communities and help to create a smart city.

Reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions through more efficient parking management is possible on a single platform with the Parklio API.

Parklio smart parking barrier

Automated Car Parking Systems

It is not just Parklio best parking barriers that make part of the smart city solutions. If you own medium or large parking than Parklio Gate is the best option. It is used for parking spaces placed at the entrance of the parking lot of residential and business buildings, public areas, hospitals, hotels and similar facilities. Parklio barrier gates are designed to be resistant to all weather conditions and to have a modern look.

Following other Parklio solution, gates can be controlled with a smartphone and remote controls.With the combination of Parklio Gate and Parklio LPR system you provide automatic detection of vehicle licenses and ensures automatic access for specific users. It is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention.

Furthermore, Parklio Bollard is designed to prevent the parking, transit, and access by unauthorized vehicles in driveways. For managing the wide areas the best solution would be Parklio Chain. It is an automatic barrier with a moving chain with electro mechanical movement to mark driveways and private parking places. This highly technological Parklio product can often be the most effective and practical way of preserving and securing the parking areas often abused by unauthorized parking or inappropriate vehicle access.

Parklio parking gate

We can conclude that digital technologies present many opportunities and challenges.

Today, there is a significant rise in the application of technologies to create more efficient, faster and easier parking. As a company from an increasingly significant industry it is necessary to follow market trends. According to that, Parklio designs its products using quality materials, modern design and 21st-century technology, while providing the best possible experience for the users.

To reach efficiency and reduce traffic, noise, and pollution, cities must adopt new smart parking solutions that can be integrated with non-polluting vehicles of tomorrow.

Parklio will optimize parking place occupancy, improve traffic flow, increase life quality and solve the parking-related problems.The efficient parking solution is the best gateway to smart city management and with Parklio, users are just one click away from it.

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