How to benefit from your parking this Christmas

How to benefit from your parking this Christmas

Although listening to Maria Carey and Michael Bublé in your car doesn’t sound bad, maybe you would want to skip the part where you circle around literally every destination you want to reach during the Christmas holidays looking for a place to park!

The Holidays always bring that special sort of challenge in terms of crowds and parking unavailability.

Christmas is the time of the year when people get together, go shopping, traveling and every destination seems overcrowded and chaotic. Regardless if you are the shop owner, hotel manager, renter, tourist or person visiting relatives or just going to the Christmas market, in most situation you will face the parking struggles that will significantly affect your and your clients spirit.

And why ruin the most wonderful time of the year?

Christmas park sign

Who wants to worry about parking on Holidays and yet Christmas season is the time of the year when a smart parking solution is the most necessary.

Luckily, the miracle of Christmas also comes in the form of a smart parking barrier and it’s called Parklio.

How does PARKLIO help with holiday parking?

Parklio is a smartphone controlled parking barrier with a modern design and unique functions – it offers a convenient option to send temporary digital keys to your family or any guests who want to park temporarily in your parking place.

Parklio barrier

During Christmas time there is a greater influx of people visiting cities and all of them want to park at the best possible spot. Parklio smart parking barrier secures the parking spots from intruders while digital keys of the barrier can be easily shared by the owner to the countless number of users.

Each visitor that wants to park their car on a specific location during a specific time period can download the free Parklio app to their smartphone where the digital key of the barrier will wait for them and they will be directed precisely to that spot.

The Parklio app is designed to help parking spot owners manage their parking. A parking place with the Parklio barrier can be assigned or shared with expected visitors.

Parklio barrier

This kind of parking spot management is essential to make sure everyone has a wonderful Christmas time and can park somewhere close to their destination without worrying that someone will steal their parking spot.

Santa with parking ticket
Snowy street

Parklio barriers are weather resistant, they are made to endure weather conditions such as rain, snow and operate at low temperatures of -20 °C.

Parklio barrier

The Parklio smart barrier allows you to deal with overcrowded and complicated parking situations. For exemple:

Many people visit their relatives during the Christmas time and leave their parking spot empty and unused. On the other hand, there is an overflow of holiday visitors and shortage of parking in general. So why not share a parking spot with someone else while away from home?

The sharing of parking has never been easier than with the Parklio app. From your smartphone there is an option to send a digital key of the barrier to someone else’s account. That person only has to download the Parklio app and it will be allowed to use your parking barrier and park on your parking spot. Whether you want to share your parking spot for one week, one day or just a couple of hours you will be able to do that. You are the one who defines the time period and always have the option to block the keys you sent.

Parklio app

With Parklio you have the full control of your parking.

Christmas tree

Forget about parking nightmare before Christmas while shopping for your loved ones!

The never-ending story of queues and jams in every mall during Christmas holiday is mainly due to the inappropriate management of parking capacity.

With the Parklio sharing option you will authorized your customers to park on your parking places in front of your store and you will have a happy and grateful customer who can enthusiastically speak of the special treatment received by you. Turn one of the most important and most challenging factor that affects consumer choice into your biggest asset!

With the Parklio personalization option, you can have your brand color and design on your parking to distinguish yourself from the competition and from the usual ugly grey parking background. Intuitive, reliable, attractive and user-friendly parking solution will make them come back to you knowing their parking will be waiting for them.


Similar situation happens with hotels and apartment renting that receive more visitors during Christmas time.

In most cases guests will arrive with their car and they will want to have a safe parking spot. Some of the renters and hotel managers use inadequate parking protection created out of despair and lack of time.

Snowy street

The Parklio barrier waiting for your guest in front of the hotel or apartment will be a win-win situation for both sides.

Installing a smart parking barrier that can be controlled without the need to get out of the car or comfort of your working place will make your life easier and your customer experience better.

You can be one step ahead of your competition by offering something new and better to your customers.

Parklio barriers can be customized to match your hotel logo and colours to reach a higher-level impression and to confirm your status as a brand.

Christmas barrier

Christmas events, especially Christmas markets are places where you lose a ridiculous amount of time finding a parking space. However, smartphone-controlled parking barriers enable you to protect, control and optimize parking and allow everyone to have a wonderful Christmas time.

Frankfurt during Christmas time

There is a product on the market that combines all the features required for the best protection of your parking space – Parklio Smart Parking Barrier.
Aside from protecting your own parking space, Parklio is smartphone controlled and offers a unique ability to send temporary digital keys to your family or any guests who want to park in your parking place, it has rechargeable li-ion batteries and can automatically close when the vehicle departs. It’s ideal for guarding private and reserved parking spaces in public, private and business car parks.

With the Parklio smart parking barrier, you can be assured that your parking spot is secured and that only your clients can park there!

Parklio barrier