7 reasons why Parklio is the best parking guard

7 reasons why Parklio is the best parking guard

Next month we are preparing to launch Parklio™ – smart parking barrier on the market and we are bringing you the top 8 reasons why Parklio™ is the best of its kind.

1. Smartphone control

Parklio™ is the only solar powered parking barrier on the market which can be smartphone controlled. You can easily close or open your Parklio™ parking barrier via mobile application on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Parklio™ Smartphone Controlled Parking Barrier

2. Opening time

It takes only 4 seconds for Parklio™ barrier to be opened, thus saving precious time for the end user.

3. Battery

Parklio™ barriers are 100% green. Parklio™ is the only barrier on the market with rechargeable, li-ion, eco-friendly batteries which can last up to 6 months on one battery charge.

Parklio™ Eco Friendly products

4. Key sharing

One of the key features of the Parklio™ barriers is the key sharing option. With Parklio™ parking barriers you can send a temporary digital key to other users via Parklio™ mobile application. The owner of the barrier can specify the time interval in which the other user can control his parking barrier and park on his parking place.

Parklio™ Key Sharing Barrier

5. Vehicle presence detection

Parklio™ uses the most advanced vehicle detection sensors technology. With this technology, the barrier will automatically detect vehicle departure and automatically close, resulting with a worry-free experience for the user.

6. Customization

Every Parklio™ barrier can be adjusted to fit user requirements, logo and the color of the barrier can be customized to the needs of the user.

7. Solar powered

Parklio™ barriers use rechargeable li-ion batteries which enable autonomous operation. Parklio’s solar panel constantly charges its batteries using the Suns energy.

Protect your parking place, order Parklio™ and enjoy your worry-free parking.