Embedded Hardware developer 

Job description

• Writing and analysis of embedded system specification

• Firmware development

• Developing architectures for embedded systems

• Code analysis, improvement of code efficiency, stability and scalability, debugging

• Writing of test specs and test automation

• Test performing and documentation

• “Bare metal” & RTOS programing

• Firmware & hardware integration with mechanical solutions


• Ability to read schematics and component datasheet

• Experience with debugging and development of embedded systems

• Good knowledge of the C programming language

• Experience and understanding of low-level drivers

• Basic knowledge of the concepts of concurrent programming, synchronization and multi threaded programming

• Experience and knowledge with using electronic measuring equipment

• High level of motivation

Bonus skills

• Knowledge of ARM Cortex M architecture

• Experience with BLE devices

• Experience with SPI, I2C, UART

• Experience with electronic device prototyping

• Experience with Linux OS

• Experience with software development tools (Eclipse, Qt, IAR, Eclipse, Keil,…)

• Experience with EDA tools (Altium, Eagle, Mentor, KiCAd,…)